House passes bill to close lawmaker job jump

HB 3638 Establishes One-Year Waiting Period for Legislators Seeking Agency Positions
By Oregon Republican Office,

SALEM”” The Oregon House today passed an ethics reform bill introduced by House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) and supported by a bipartisan coalition of legislators to establish a one-year “waiting period” on former legislators before they can seek and obtain non-elected positions in the state’s executive branch. “House Bill 3638 prevents legislators from using their power and influence to obtain higher-paying jobs in state government,” Rep. Hanna said. “This bill eliminates potential conflicts of interest within the legislative process, and forces legislators to compete with other Oregonians for key state positions.”

Rep. Hanna said he was pleased to work with Democrats to reach consensus on key issues. He said the one-year waiting period serves as a clear and consistent standard for legislators before they can retire and take high-paying jobs in the executive branch. HB 3638 also exempts positions that require Senate confirmation, which are already subject to public scrutiny and debate.

An additional compromise allows a former member to take a position in state government as long as recruitment for position is advertised, the minimum qualifications do not include legislative service, and employer considers other qualified applicants. Rep. Hanna said this measure ensures a fair and competitive hiring process for former members.

“As I’ve said before, ethics reform shouldn’t be a Republican or Democratic issue,” Rep. Hanna said. “HB 3638 sends a strong message that the Legislature is about public service, not about using the office as a stepping stone to better personal opportunities. I urge the Senate to consider and approve this bill without delay.”