Threats to take your kicker tax refund renewed

dog-logo-stampThreats to take your kicker tax refund renewed.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Last week’s Oregon Supreme Court ruling over government pensions (PERS) has exploded the budget debate and it will lead to a giant money grab to steal you Kicker Tax Refund. The Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers cannot trim any costs from state government’s $16 billion retirement debt hole.  The court ruling means an immediate $358 million hit in the next state budget cycle.

The forecasted Kicker refund is about $379 million.   This $379 million is over-collected government funds that by law must be returned to the people like you and me.   Now this $379 million is the massive target of politicians who wish to steal it.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon has been testifying and lobbying against SJR 14 which would steal part of the people’s kicker tax refund and put it into a government slush fund. Make no mistake, this ‘Kicker Theft’ Senate Bill is in play. It has had a hearing. It can move out anytime.

We must remember, the only reason why state government found itself with an over-collected $379 million is because Oregon’s economy is improving after a painful season. Why punish success by stealing our money?   A recovering business climate and Oregonians hiring more workers is the ANSWER to our budget problems, not the problem to exploit.

The Kicker Tax Refund to taxpayers like you and I could be $200, $300 or even as high as $600 per person. This depends on how much over-collected funds comes in the next few weeks to complete the budget cycle and the final determination of whether the Kicker will kick.

You can help protect your kicker by call your lawmaker toll-free at 1-800-332-2313 supporting our lobby efforts with a donation here.