Deschutes GOP to oppose local gas tax

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Deschutes County Republicans

BEND, OR – The Deschutes County Republicans announced their opposition to a gas tax for the City of Bend, after continued suggestions from city councilors that it could appear on the ballot in an upcoming election. Local Republicans are concerned about the effect raising taxes would have on citizens in the greater Bend area.

“Democrats in the Oregon Legislature already rammed through a hidden gas tax that will hurt working families all across Oregon and they’re considering raising the gas tax too. The City of Bend shouldn’t pass a local gas tax. Lower and middle income residents would be hit the hardest because more than 80% of these individuals commute to work. It would affect them significantly,” said Reagan Knopp, Chair of the Deschutes Republicans.

“We would like to see a greater commitment from the city to a solution utilizing the new money in the current budget instead of rushing a bad idea directly to the ballot. The gas tax will hurt working families, students, and small businesses the most. Deschutes Republicans stand with working families and local small businesses in saying no to the city gas tax,” said Knopp.

Knopp confirmed Deschutes Republicans would organize a significant grassroots effort against a local gas tax if one appeared on the ballot. “We’ve already started preparing for it to go to the ballot. This issue gives us the opportunity to engage many voters to fight for a better community by being involved in an important, local issue.”

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  • Jonathan

    Does Bend need more money to keep the roads fixed? Then gas taxes are a good way to raise the dough — the users of the roads get to pay. Is the alternative suggestion to take it out of the Bend general funds budget? Not a good idea. What is the justification, rising city revenue? I’ll bet that just reflects the end of the recession — were the Republicans proposing new taxes when revenues crashed? I doubt it.

  • David from Mill City

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, to use General Fund Monies to fix roads means that something else will not be funded. So what should be cut? Without that information, this is just a statement from the GOP that they don’t want the streets and roads fixed.

  • guess who

    No additional funds would be enough since most current money’s are collected for roads. street and highway repairs are spent on nonsensical unrelated items such as mass transit, bike paths, parks, policing and multiple layers of administration and assistants.

    • Amen

      Right and write on!
      Thank you, Concierge of what’s right meeting salutary.

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