Dems seeking tax increase end-around with HB 2093


By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon voters explicitly stated at the ballot box that they wanted to limit the Legislature’s ability to increase taxes. They installed a 3/5 “supermajority” rule, requiring any tax increase to gain the support of 36 House Members and 18 Senate Members. The message could not have been more clear – this was a limit on tax increases, not revenue increases.

The Oregon Legislature is seeking a way around this clear restriction with upcoming changes to HB 2093. This bill will contain tax increases, but it will also contain tax credits, so that the revenue impact is zero. In the world of Oregon’s ruling party, a tax increase offset with an equal tax credit in some other area is not a tax increase at all. They therefore will directly challenge the will of the voters by declaring this bill “passed,” even if it does not receive the supermajority level of votes.

Oregon voters should voice protest this clear violation of the spirit of their wishes by the Oregon Legislature. Vulnerable members of the Democrat caucus, whose seats could easily flip to Republican in the 2016 elections, should be contacted immediately to ensure they understand that a “no” vote on HB 2093 represents the will of the constituents.

Please take a moment to contact Representatives Joe Gallegos, Betty Komp, Susan McClain, Caddy McKeown, and Carla Piluso to urge a “no” vote on HB 2093.