Dorchester – The Governor’s Debate

The Dorchester Gubernatorial debate moderator U.S. Congressman Greg Walden introduced candidates, Allen Alley, Chris Dudley, and John Lim.

In their opening statements Sen. Lim declared he was within several points of his opponent. Mr. Dudley said now is the time to stay, fight, and move Oregon in a new direction. Mr. Alley called the Republican Party the party of “Know” (as in we know what to do).

Dudley veered toward something different when he began his opening statements by walking away from the poduim and strolling along the stage talking to the audience. Greg Walden, the moderator, reminded everyone that speakers must stay at the poduim and the brief momement of creativity was put to a halt.

When Lim was asked what is the difference between the candidates he said that Dudley was “taller” and Alley was “fatter” which brought outrageous laughter from the audience.
All three candidates agreed jobs were vital importance to the future of Oregon, with Sen. Lim stating he would bring jobs from Asia, Mr. Dudley saying education was key to future jobs. After much touting about “jobs”, Alley stated that it is more than “jobs” because jobs come and go — instead it is about “careers” and how we need to create long-lasting careers in Oregon.

One of Dudley’s best points was emphasizing that the power of the governor that gets overlooked is the hundreds of boards and commissioners that the governor appoints. One of Alley’s best points is that he said he was the only GOP governor candidate to show-up to union, OEA and Seirra Club governor candidate meetings because he feels it is important that a governor be strong enough to talk to all Oregonians including ones traditionally ignored by Republicans.

When asked their differences, Mr. Lim cited his long services in the legislature, Mr. Alley, his long career in business, and Mr. Dudley his background as an outsider, and basketball player.

Mr. Lim said if the legislature keeps the kicker we need to “kick them out”. He promised to run the government “lean and clean”.

Mr. Alley recalled his 400 mile walk across Oregon and how it helped him develop a sensitivity for the problems of Eastern and rural Oregon. He said, “This is end of walk and beginning of the future of Oregon.”

Mr. Dudley summed his message with, “We need to change direction and the time is now!”

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  • Ted

    Is there a YouTube video of the debate somewhere? Alley is my guy for now, but I want to see the whole thing and wasn’t able to make it to Dorchester.


    Yawning while saying, Not one of these guys has a prayer, and y’all know it. Better that all Conservatives spend their time & money on legislative races. IOW, taking back the House at least would make Dr. No’s life (*miserable*) and that would at least stall off any more tax increases. Small steps first. Let’s start with making sure “NO” leaves in 2014!

  • Dm

    Very funny debate, Lim was a riot

  • Bill Sizemore

    Not being invited to participate, I watched from the audience. Here’s my take:

    None of the candidates said anything particularly significant. In fact, it was about as ho-hum of a debate as I have watched in a long time. Alley seemed to have the best grasp of the issues and was probably the winner. Dudley looked awkward and scripted and and yet said amost nothing. I think I like the guy well enough and he seems well intended and sincere, but also appears to be a long ways from ready to be governor. If he wins the primary, he had better be a fast learner. Lim was funny and people laughed but did not appear to be taking him seriously.

    No one mentioned the elephant in the room, i.e. the fact that the pulic employee unions control this state from top to bottom and unless we break their stranglehold, none of the plans and dreams these three contestants outlined have a snowball’s chance of passing.

    I would hope that the business community would have learned its lesson from the Measures 66 and67 debacle and get together now and fund a measure to weaken the unions by ending their payroll deduction advantage, and do so sooner rather than later. That doesn’t appear to be happening, even though the measure to do so is sitting there ready and waiting.

    Absent that, the future looks pretty dismal for Oregon and the only hope we have is to take back the House or Senate and play defence for another two or four years. None of the three candidates I heard last night are going to take on the unions. Therefore, none of them is going to make much of a difference, no matter who wins.

    Still, I would mark last night as a win in Alley’s column.

  • wnd

    What the Dems and their PAC mules have unloaded on Oregon is no laughing matter. In fact, the methane byproduct is due for a serious burn off before the taxing Dr. NOseHaber can uncap his tanks for the memories of noxious oxide for our economic state of affairs.

  • anonymous

    Alley, Dudley, Lim, Sizemore, …. Zzzzzzzzzzzz ……..

  • Oregonguy

    I watched the debate last night as an undecided voter. To me Allen Alley was clearly the winner. He spoke very well and gave specifics to some of his statements. He clearly spoke about a lot of the problems that we face and how he would resolve them. In my opinion his moment was his closing remarks. He energized the crowed and he hit the nail on the head. Chris Dudley also spoke well but stuck to talking points. I learned nothing new about him. He gave few specifics and I felt that he scripted all of his answers before hand. His best moment was his thoughts on 66 and 67. John Lim, though at times difficult to understand, did well. He never failed to answer a question fully and also gave specifics. I felt he miss an opportunity to set himself apart from the other two when he was asked what make him different from his opponents. Being the only professed social conservative on the stage, he could have gained some points by addressing that. He did say that he is the only candidate with elected experience, that was a good response. He was very enjoyable to watch and constantly had the crowd laughing. I think he could be a real serious contender if people take him serious. I felt his best moment was his stance on bettering education. He endorsed the idea of vouchers and the crowed seemed to concur. Overall, Allen Alley won the debate. However, I’m now learning towards John Lim for my vote.

    I tried to film the debate but was told not to by the Dorchester officials. It seems to me that a debate on PUBLIC policy from candidates running for PUBLIC office should be free to be filmed for the PUBLIC to view.

  • Christopher W. Osborn

    It is good that John Lim got a laugh out of everything. That way when he loses in the primary or loses in the governors race because he is a slumlord, he’ll at least have fond memories of the debate and how everyone loved him. Go check out his property at 5535 NE Glisan. Do some research and you will find that the city of Portland and the Portland Fire Bureau have cited the property for violations. This is potential governor material?

  • queefevam


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  • retired UO science prof

    Where is Jerry? Gone fishing? Did he get mad when his piece was yanked? Or has he been banned? I miss his camaraderie, a great pal.

    • valley p

      I’m afraid Jerry may have been “disappeared.” And along with him went Thelma, Louise, Margie, Diamond Jim Franconi, Bruce, Billie, Skipper, and up to a hundred other aliases. I’ll miss the arguments Jerry made amongst his many selves, plus some occasional really bad poetry that would make the Vogons envious. Many voices are crying out in the wilderness.

      There is no better spokesperson for the lunatic right than Jerry et al. Please bring him (them) back.

      • eagle eye

        A classic, if early case of internet-induced multiple personality disorder? I imagine we’ll be seeing more of this. A sad case, he showed promise as a political commentator.


        • valley p

          If Glenn Beck could make millions peddling his edge of crazy schtick, I think Jerry could at least make thousands. Beck is a phony, only in it for the money. Jerry is the real deal. He actually believes himself(s). can’t you imagine him on TV, a quick change artist interviewing himself(s) on all the latest news? Bicycle lanes, teachers, global warming….”back to you Diamond Jim”…Oh My God. It would make great unreality TV.

  • Sizemore will Veto any Tax Increase

    Dorchester GOP – Are you serious?? Surely you’re not talking about the same Allen “don’t call me Carbon-Credit, CO2-neutral” Alley that talks out of both sides of his moderate mouth – are you?

    If so, it’s clear that Oregon’s GOP is headed for another train wreck this year, UNLESS the independent thinking Republicans regain control of the party – before the primary – from the leadership that destroyed it.

    The fact that Bill Sizemore (a) is registered as a Republican candidate for Governor, (b) attended Dorchester, and (c) was _excluded_ from the candidate debate was a clear enough indication that he’s posing a serious threat to the powers that be.

    Why else would the Multnomah media all but destroy Mr. Sizemore’s chances by dissuading their audiences from choosing the BEST candidate, instead of relying on newspaper and straw polls to be told to “choose” which loser to pick for a temporary “win”? – Ya can’t keep a good man down, which is exactly what Portland’s media moguls are trying to do. Don’t ya get it? This primary election will NOT be about the media manipulating the party’s vote this time. It will be only if independent-thinking Republicans ignore the media’s polls that the primary will produce the most fit conservative to beat Kithaber in November. Too much is at stake this year, so we’d _better_ get it right in the primary.

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