Yes, we should make the kicker better

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by Reagan Knopp

This week, the Oregon Legislature adjourned Sine Die. Many were surprised that the kicker did not receive any significant changes. Many strongly believe the kicker law — which returns excess revenue collect by the state to taxpayers — is outdated and needs to be fixed in order for it work better for middle class Oregonians. They’re right.

The personal income tax kicker has not seen significant revision since 2011. That session, the legislature changed the kicker into a credit that filers must claim on their taxes. Previously, income tax filers directly received a check from the State of Oregon.

The 2011 revision now disproportionately favors those who can afford professionals to ensure that their taxes are filed correctly to receive their kicker. Meanwhile, many Oregonians have expressed confusion about what year and what forms they must file in order to receive their check. This will delay kicker checks for many and some may miss out altogether.

The kicker has a two-fold purpose. First, the kicker protects Oregonians from unsustainable government expansion. Second, it returns taxpayer money to the taxpayer, giving them more money in their pockets.

Making the kicker work for all Oregonians means helping guarantee they get their money. Sending it to them directly is the best way to ensure that happens. Let’s bring back the kicker check. Let’s make the kicker work better.

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  • conservatively speaking

    Restore the original kicker. It’s a progressive way to return state income tax overpayhments and mitigate government tax and spend shenanigans.

    • Dick Winningstad

      I agree.

  • nowhereman

    I don’t have a clue how to file taxes…so I quit. I am living the dream life in the outlier area of our society. No taxes ever do I pay…at least not to the state…I am still working on how to hide from the feds….

    • guest

      Volunteer as a guard intern where the Obama’s and Clinton’s have their special records sequestered.

  • linnmarlion

    I find it really disgusting that people who earn their money, no matter whether they are rich or not, are condemned by liberals. We will wind up as a commie country pretty soon with every person on the govt. dole if we keep discriminating against those who work hard. Let’s quit allowing the left to form the discussion by their nutty language terms. They are afraid of those who are wealthy and have brought up millions of people from poverty, and they are afraid of legal immigrants who have not committed the crime of entering our country illegally (therefore committing that crime every second they live here). So they change the wordage and condemn the common sense people who follow the laws. Remember when it comes time to vote in 2016 to pay close attention to where people stand, and what terms they use. Also, pay close attention to what happened to other countries that caved to liberal, progressive, socialist, communist ideologies. Just in the last week or so, Oregon has gone around the bend, and destroyed whatever greatness it ever had. Taxing per mile driven, allowing an innocent to be murdered in Portland because of a Sanctuary law, and now the latest-sex-change operations at taxpayer expense for a 15 year old without parental consent or knowledge. And, that operation cannot be reversed. Who’s going to take responsibility for suicides when these children find out they didn’t want to do this after all, and it can’t be reversed. Oregon govt. is sick, and personally responsible for the repercussions of these actions.

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