Taxpayer Association testifies against Kicker Raid bill

Taxpayer Association of Oregon testifies against Kicker raid SJR 14Watchdog
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

On Wednesday, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon testified in the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee against Senate Joint Resolution 14 (SJR 14) Kicker Bill.  This bill would raid part of the people’s kicker income tax refund and put it into a basically a government stockpile fund.   If such stockpiling of the people’s Kicker refunds sounds familiar, it is because the 2007 Legislature was able to pass a bill that permanently raided the business kicker income tax refund into such a fund.  Now they’re back for more.

This year the Kicker is close to kicking which will send over-collected tax revenue back to the people who paid it.   That could mean $200, $300 or $600 refunds for Oregonians who already pay more taxes than most states.