Taxpayer Association testifies against Kicker Raid bill

Taxpayer Association of Oregon testifies against Kicker raid SJR 14Watchdog
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

On Wednesday, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon testified in the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee against Senate Joint Resolution 14 (SJR 14) Kicker Bill.  This bill would raid part of the people’s kicker income tax refund and put it into a basically a government stockpile fund.   If such stockpiling of the people’s Kicker refunds sounds familiar, it is because the 2007 Legislature was able to pass a bill that permanently raided the business kicker income tax refund into such a fund.  Now they’re back for more.

This year the Kicker is close to kicking which will send over-collected tax revenue back to the people who paid it.   That could mean $200, $300 or $600 refunds for Oregonians who already pay more taxes than most states.


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  • Bob Clark

    Thanks, Jason and TAO.

  • fred291

    Sensible people don’t like paying taxes; I don’t like paying taxes. However, it is just plain wrong to describe Oregon as a high-tax state, even if one takes account of local taxes as well as state taxes and ignores the break we get on our national taxes, Oregonians pay less per capita than the residents of 30 other states and the district of Columbia. Adding in all user fees takes us almost to the US average, but average isn’t high. As for this proposal, would you be happier if kicker funds were used to pay down the state’s debt? That’s sort of what they are now doing in CA and I think it makes sense — kicker rebates are rather like one-time tax cuts. Given the state’s debts/unfunded obligations, does a tax cut really make sense? It is by no means clear to me that the answer is ‘yes.’

    • thevillageidiot

      The kicker is part of what keeps us at only 30. It prevents the legislature from spending on projection. How much would the legislature spend if they were allowed to build the budget based on projected revenue based from the previous two years? That is like asking how big a program can Microsoft build if memory is unlimited. Obviously you fell the taxpayers in oregon don’t pay enough.

      If the legislature can keep all the revenue they sill spend it. It eill not get saved otherwise it would already be done. hasn’t happened. The state would continue to borrow money in spite of a constitutional requirement of a balanced budget. if the budget is balanced you spend no more that you take in then what is the need to borrow. So why doesn’t a tax cut make sense? Maybe that is why I am..

    • sol668

      Why don’t you like to pay for the goods and services your government provides to you? I have no problem paying for roads, police, schools, welfare, all valuable services which I by no means protest paying for. If you’re unhappy with those services and goods, and would prefer they be provided exclusively by the private sector, you have a vote just like me…but I suppose that’s what makes you mad, I get equal say with a rich man like you

      • thevillageidiot

        Roads are covered by the gas taxes. so I pay. they could be private but that is a concept that is foreign even to me.
        police could be private or at least only local. but when was the last time they prevented any crime. or show up before the shooting is all over. go armed and protect yourself. and I see evenless value in free public schools. performance is getting worse. I see no value in welfare. unless you are on it. It can be handled quit efficiently and at less expense by churches and charity organizations. andI contribute to both.

    • guest

      To kiss’nass d’fred291: All butt smooch’n in the backseat of a Kitzhaber subLIMOscene with a bunch of Dem banalities who don’t know from doggy piles from Obama monkey shines knows pick’ns out to L’Farce Circe demB Fungu among US patronizers.
      Rx, put the drunken-ass sailers in a long boat bound for WTF, anyplace, but knot in Oregon to further this male schlemiel’s enhancement in the state of Oregon.

  • thevillageidiot

    here is from the oregonian not exactly a conservative publication.
    now if you want to believe fred291 then go here
    if you want really disappointing go here

    Fred per capita taxes is misleading how many children not working under the age of 18 pay taxes? somebody else is paying their share. all those receiving government assistance probably are not paying any taxes. who is paying their share. Ii know unemployment compensation is taxed but the government is taking back tax money already paid by the tax payers? that is funny tax the taxes.

    • fred291

      The Oregonian’s source is the Tax Foundation, which uses IRS data and reports taxes paid by Oregonians, not Oregon taxes. For some reason Oregon is a net tax exporter (payments made to to state and local governments in other states), which moves us up in the rankings. I thought we were talking about what state and local governments in Oregon demand/collect in taxes. If that is what we are talking about, the Census of Governments is a more informative source (see TaxVox). Bojack is correct in its ranking, but it is only talking about one tax type, the state personal income tax.

  • sol668

    For a bunch of “fiscal conservatives” you seem awfully opposed to saving money for bad times in the future.

    • guess who

      If and when the government wants to save for the future or rainy day fund they should and will list it in their yearly budget and not spend it until the true need arises . The past and current administration have been unable to do so because no bad expense has ever been presented except the shortage of revenue for new unexplained projects.

    • thevillageidiot

      it is not saving money when the legislature spends everything they take in and would spend more. Taxed less people could save themselves for the rainy day. the state is the wrong place for a rainy day fund. and if you think that people won’t then what makes you think politicians will do it. saving doesn’t buy votes.

  • Sally

    Nothing slicker than our little kicker,
    Not very much could make me sicker.
    Take too much of own dough,
    Then refuse to return the overflow.
    A governor who is small in the brain,
    A First Lady who is really lame.
    A state that has been brought to shame,
    Nothing will bring her back again.
    So I emd this little ditty,
    Feeling Oregon is pretty shitty.

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