Nevada’s Education Innovation

CascadeNewLogoBy Emma Newman

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Oregon’s 2013 graduation rate is the worst of all 49 states which reported data. Nevada, which held Oregon’s position at the bottom in 2012, has decided to do something truly bold and create a system that allows for unprecedented levels of accountability, opportunity, and individualization in education.

Next January, Nevada will start the most inclusive educational savings account program in the nation. Educational saving accounts, or ESAs, allow public school students to take 90 percent of the money the state would spend on them and put it on a restricted use debit card. Parents can spend this money on a wide variety of approved educational options, such as private school, individual tutoring, and distance learning. Any money not used is rolled over for parents to spend in the future.

By allowing parents to choose where they send their child to school, schools become more accountable. Families who currently can’t afford to pay taxes for the public school system plus tuition for private options will now have real opportunities to meet their kids’ individual needs, learning styles, and interests.

While Oregon responded to having the worst graduation rate in the nation by giving its failed Oregon Education Investment Board a new name, Nevada responded with innovation.

Emma Newman is a research associate at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market think tank. She is a student at George Fox University, where she is studying Economics and Computer Science.

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  • Sally

    This is the most insane idea I have ever heard of. These parents can send their kids to religious schools and get money to do so?? I thought we had separation of church and state. These are state monies. The schools are run by churches. What am I missing here??? This is crazy. It is insane.
    Plus, those religious schools often have “teachers” who are not certified by the state and who are not professional educators. In fact, most do not even belong to a teacher union. How can they teach without the proper training and trade affiliations???
    I tell you, this really seems wrong. It it works it could spell trouble for teachers across this land. We could be put out of our jobs if a lot of kids and their parents took this money and went somewhere besides the public schools. This may turn everything upside down.
    I don’t like it one bit.

    • “This may turn everything upside down.” That’s the idea. Glad you got it.

      • Her salad daze R numbered

        Omen, poke salet Sally, spinning her wheels atop a no brainer circus spiel!

    • Sally *hits off score.

      Spook U!… progeny of witless CON-all muse-schism butt wiped in TP [total proprietary] egregious concessionaire!

    • MrBill

      If the unionized, accredited professionals are so much better, why would they have to worry about being put out of a job?

      • Eric Blair

        Because there are too many who let partisan/ideological politics rule their actions.

        • .

          Spook who’s squawking: Eric the Dread raconteur P.T. Brain$torming for what’s left raping US like a Bile Curiosity goldfingering Posse’s Galore.

    • guess who

      Apparently your education process has failed you. The separation of church and state does not apply in this instance Please do not comment regarding subjects in which you are not knowledgeable.

  • Mark

    Oregon has a bad graduation rate, sure, but that is because many of our students come from troubled homes and such like. They can hardly be expected to graduate if they are hungry. Or worried about their future. Please – show some compassion.

    • .

      Say Hey Mark-oh, You pe’er butt a pincer all butt ass a loaf of nonsenses in the cesspool of insobriety, thou blk head shaker of penology.

  • Completely pointlesss

    • .

      Like you’re a byte off kilter thou hoot knows bilker, say swat, mossier?

    • Ms Devine Rite

      Cumanna my house you left blank hoser seeking gratification in one of many of the DEMonstrative enclosures

  • Bob Clark

    It’s not a coincidence many of our elected leaders, who help prop up the legacy brick and mortar public school system, send their own children not to public education institutions (k-8) but rather often to private schools.

  • Myke

    Oregon is trying a radical idea, too. They’ve extended high school by two more years. But, only for the select few. You see, for those who might have skills that the state deems, how do I put this, less than desirable, skills like artistic or musical talent, mechanical or industrial arts, but who’s interests aren’t aligned with the STEM curriculum that the state Czar has mandated all minds must embrace, well, those poor schmucks, they don’t get to graduate. On, they can. But only if they pass the test. Pay no mind that that kid might have a prospective future, had they only had a diploma.

    So, the radical idea is to reward those few, those who might come from homes where two parents reside, or who are exposed to higher education, or are directed by some social influence that keeps a kid from experiencing the hopelessness thats been pushed on most anywhere out of Portland metro. Yes sirree, damned be to those who’s circumstances aren’t condusive to good, approved learning. Hey, since they’ll be on welfare, why shouldn’t those picked to graduate get welfare, too! I mean, how can you widen the income gap if you don’t give welfare to the ‘haves’? All the while creating a new class of ‘have nots’!

  • Eric Blair

    LOL.. sometimes I wonder about you all

    1) Sally and Mark are trolling… They’re pretending to be liberal (and not even doing a good of a job at it).

    2) They are most likely the same person.

    • MrBill

      I think most people figured the same, but decided to play along.

      • Eric Blair


        • EB subsliming awry

          Answer please the column, Mr!

    • EB slime-siding awry

      OEA? SEIU what other flatulent corresponds from your laboriously socialist grind, you fascist PERSer croak’n in the swamplands of egregious govnernmentium?

  • Sally

    troll? I think not. Fools. All.

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