2015-17 Oregon budget is out: Spending is up!

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by Dan Lucas

Information on the current 2-year Oregon state budget came out yesterday afternoon from the Legislative Fiscal Office. This is for the 2015-17 Oregon budget – that was just passed by the 2015 Regular Session of the 78th Oregon Legislative Assembly, which adjourned on July 6th.

This new 2-year budget reflects a continued jump in state spending. The All Funds budget has grown to $69 billion, a 10% increase over the previous budget. The General & Lottery Funds budget has grown to $18.9 billion, a 13% increase over the previous budget.

The General & Lottery Funds budget is the portion of the state budget that the Legislature has the most direct control over, and is what is generally discussed in the news when referring to the “Oregon state budget.” This current $18.9 billion General & Lottery Funds budget reflects a staggering increase of $2.1 billion from the previous $16.8 billion budget.

Budget Comparison 2013-15 and 2015-17

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Charts from the previous Oregon budget (2013-15)

Charts from the 2013-15 Oregon budget show the pattern of growth in state spending. For example, Oregon’s All Funds budget has nearly doubled in 14 years (since 2001-03). It is $69 billion in the 2015-17 budget and it was about $35 billion in 2001-03.

Oregon Budget History - All Funds_1977-2015

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Oregon Budget History - Gen-Lott Funds_1977-2015

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More detailed information on the current 2015-17 Oregon budget will be coming out in the next few months from the Legislative Fiscal Office. According to yesterday’s announcement “The expanded Highlights document is slated for release in August, with the Detailed Analysis to follow in September.”

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  • MrBill

    State gov’t grows at annual rate of 9-10% while our GDP grows at 2-3%. Doesn’t sound very sustainable.

  • Jonathan

    It looks like the state budget is up with the growth of the Oregon economy in economic recovery. What’s not to like about that?

  • Ron Swaren

    The Multnomah County budget is an atrocity: 1. They appropriated $300 million for the Sellwood Bridge project, when previous complete upgrades had been c. $30 million 2. They are headed towards budgeting $250-300 million for a new courthouse—-on liquefaction zone, flood plain land, which they could probably sell for $20 million. They had built a satellite courthouse in Gresham for $18 million.
    3. They are talking about $500 million for Burnside Bridge upgrade, and another $500 million for other county bridges.

    Anything with Kafoury written on it is a disaster in one way or another for Oregon. I haven’t heard as much as a squeak out of OR or MultCo republicans about this budget, although I have testified four times. Should do something on the heels of seeing Jeff Cogen and John Kitzhaber escorted out the door, right? Is Multco just a minor league problem causer now?

  • jrwp

    Dan – thank you for your simple to understand information. I always enjoy reading your analysis on budget issues. Jo Rae Perkins

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