Oregon, Where the Light of Reason is Flickering

So now that the DEMS have full control of the Oregon State government, the Governor is proposing 10% annual growth in the state budget. 10%! Here are the ugly details. They will save nothing””put very little or no money into a Rainy Day Fund. Plus they are looking for new sources of revenue in the form of raising business taxes (eliminating the biz kicker), raising business fees (hike in corporate minimum tax) and placing a new fee on everyone’s car insurance payments.

That’s just to start.

Meanwhile, PERS costs for schools are going up (hidden in the 5th and 6th paragraphs). So the public unions continue to do better and better while costs keep going up on the rest of us and we get to be the guinea pigs for all of their social experimentations. Where do I send my thank you card?

Senator Ben Westlund just re-registered as a DEM. Expect him to run for state-wide office soon–successfully I’ll bet. Seantor Smith is running scared. And the hits just keep on coming…

…They’re planning for the end of the world in a basement somewhere in Portland.

…Apparently Neil Goldschmidt is living in France now. That figures.

…So after defeating efforts to eliminate CIM/CAM in the Legislature last year, State Superintendent Susan Castillo is now going to push a bill next year to… eliminate CIM/CAM.

The anti-Measure 48 folks said over and over that we don’t want to be like Colorado. Well, it turns out Colorado may want to be like us. Poor bastards.


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