Video: O”Reilly vs. Congressman on ObamaCare fine details

Top viewed You Tube video where Bill O’Reilly can’t get an honets answer from a Congressman on who will enforce the penalty for those Americans who choose not have health insurance?

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  • Bob Clark

    This new healthcare blob has all kinds of shades of grey. For example, what if you have health insurance with a high deductible like for instance $5k. Would this satisfy as health insurance? Maybe a state government could qualify such plans as meeting the mandates, effectively watering down this provision of the healthcare blob bill. You know of course the healthcare blob is mostly unachieveable for lack of real financial wherewithal to deliver. The federal government is already unable to deliver on existing long term medicare and social security obligations. There’s no extra money for the new blob of promises. Almost every bond fund manager is screaming this. But our leader Bama says like the captain of the titanic, “full speed ahead.”

  • Kill the Bill

    I don’t believe it matters what health care insurance you now have because hidden deep in the bill is a new health insurance mandate. Let me begin by saying what the federal and state mandates Insurance Company were before the bill was signed into law.

    1) Insurance Companys have a 65/35 percentage requirement, which is as follows:
    65% of all premiums collected must go to pay claims.
    35% goes to overhead i.e. operating expenses, employee salaries and calculated from the past
    years losses a certain amount of money saved (or in reserve) to pay for future claims.

    That is the law as it was. Now, the new health care bill Obama signed into law mandates:

    1) Insurance companies now have a mandate of 85/15.
    85% of all premiums are now required to be paid out.
    15% is all that is left to pay overhead expenses, etc. and state an federal mandates a

    The above percentages are impossible to maintain for a viable company, and Health Insurance Companies will most likely fail within the first two or three years, if that long. Many company employee’s are now putting their resume’ together and preparing to look for other jobs, because the assurance is that their companies will be intentionally put out of business by the government.

    That means the loss of several hundreds of thousands of jobs and leave the country with very few insurance companies in business, if any at all. What does that mean? The government will then “be the provider” of all insurance and grow into a force that none of us will recognize let alone have a universal insurance system.

    I don’t work for an Insurance company but I am very well aware of what the laws are. If there is not enough money in reserve for the Insurance Companies, then the company is put on a list of high risk with not enough funds in reserve to operate…with this posibillity insurance rates will likely increase by 200% in January, 2011.

    Insurance Companies run on a January to January basis therefore the new rates will not have gone into effect until after the November elections.

    This bill is going to bankrupt our country…let the people have the coverage they want but it will only last for a short time because there will be no money left to pay the bills.

    • valley p

      “The above percentages are impossible to maintain for a viable company, and Health Insurance Companies will most likely fail within the first two or three years, if that long. ”

      Then why have their stocks gone up every day since the bill passed? Investors seem to know something you don’t.

      “This bill is going to bankrupt our country”

      Not passing the bill and sticking with the status quo would have bankrupted us. Now we have a chance to avoid that.

      • Bennie

        If you are looking to buy long in Health Care stocks I wouldn’t. Most, including health care execs are jumping in to this buying like mad and will be bailing before too long after the amateurs figure out they have been duped. I’m buying a few health care stocks myself. But I won’t be holding on to them for long.

  • Tim McCafferty

    I’m to understand that the idea that the Internal Revenue Service, and branch of the Department of Treasury should be the place of collection of fines for non-compliance of the federal mandate to be the controversy for Mr. O’Reilly? Yes? Really?

    When a taxpayer files a return, and should not be able to verify a insurance premium paid, they will be automatically enrolled at a excelerated rate, and a fine will be assessed. If they have tax refunds coming they will be deducted, if they do not pay it would be deducted, just the US Department of Education for student loans, or any tax deduction. This will bouy the whole expense of health care as everyone will be exposed to the premiums, and the insurance companies will know that means government controls, and participation in comprehensive coverage.

    Medicare costs 3% to administer, a private policy costs the insurance companies 30% to administer.

    The Medicaid expenditures for people whom are in extensive care and un-insured are crippling to the program. The insurance companies that make more pre-existing conditions, and exhausted coverages to add to the numbers whom can’t so much as afford the premiums only lays a heavier burden on all of Americans, as taxpayers, and consumers.

    O’Reilly sounds like the loudest drunk in the bar, hardly the way to approach complicated policy issues.

  • cecil

    Bill only wanted to know what happens when someone refuses to buy healthcare and/or refuses to pay the fine. The exasperating congressman would not answer. So just how was Bill being a loud drunk? How was this simple question a bad approach? What am I missing? I will tell you. I am missing a detailed sketch of the Liberal brain, and the only reason that I am missing it is because liberals are airheads.

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