Too much tolerance these days?


by Lars Larson

We hear a lot about tolerance these days. And I’m sick of it. I think we tolerate too much.

We tolerate a few dozen people hanging off a bridge, breaking the law and blocking an American port because politicians like Charlie Hales agree with the message of the law breakers.

We tolerate taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood that sells parts of human babies for medical research – is there a Dr. Mengele in the house?

We tolerate illegal aliens invading our country and murdering and raping and driving drunk…and we’re told anyone who objects will be shouted down.

We’re watching as a whole country goes on a hunt for a Minnesota dentist who’s in hiding because he went hunting in Africa and his guides broke the law.

And this past weekend, a tidal wave of local coverage of a bunch of boozy boaters blocking a river and local TV stations who took it on themselves to put the blame on a ship captain who was following the law when he pulled out from the dock and pushed through the crowd of boaters who ignored warnings from the U.S. Coast Guard.

As far as I’m concerned, tolerance in all those cases is a dirty word.

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