Too much tolerance these days?


by Lars Larson

We hear a lot about tolerance these days. And I’m sick of it. I think we tolerate too much.

We tolerate a few dozen people hanging off a bridge, breaking the law and blocking an American port because politicians like Charlie Hales agree with the message of the law breakers.

We tolerate taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood that sells parts of human babies for medical research – is there a Dr. Mengele in the house?

We tolerate illegal aliens invading our country and murdering and raping and driving drunk…and we’re told anyone who objects will be shouted down.

We’re watching as a whole country goes on a hunt for a Minnesota dentist who’s in hiding because he went hunting in Africa and his guides broke the law.

And this past weekend, a tidal wave of local coverage of a bunch of boozy boaters blocking a river and local TV stations who took it on themselves to put the blame on a ship captain who was following the law when he pulled out from the dock and pushed through the crowd of boaters who ignored warnings from the U.S. Coast Guard.

As far as I’m concerned, tolerance in all those cases is a dirty word.

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  • unknown3rdparty

    “Tolerant” is an excellent example of the doublespeak employed by the left; it has nothing to do with fairness, bipartisanship or even compromising. The minority who want tolerance want nothing more than to have their behavior accepted at the expense of everybody else. Tolerance means nothing more than capitulating/acquiescing to their demands of “acceptance” all while demeaning the better behavior.

    • Dick Winningstad

      wsort of likr the term ‘wet land’ for swamp, ‘sprawl’ for suburb and so on.

      • CB

        Yes, we tolerate the hunt for a criminal who paid other people to break the law. We even encourage it.


        What in the world is wrong with you people?

    • Eric Blair

      And exactly which behavior are you talking about? Evidently you desire tolerance for speaking around issues and not saying what you mean.

    • Eric Blair

      Just for the record, tolerance has nothing to do with bipartisanship, and only a little to do with compromise.

    • DavidAppell

      The intolerant right has no business expecting tolerance of their intolerant views. Clean up your own act, and we can talk.

      • Dick Winningstad

        The intolerant left is worse. Just look at the reaction to Clarence Thomas being nominated to the Supreme Court. Look at the reaction to Condoleezza Rice being selected as Sec. of State. Look at the reaction to Bush II being elected. Nope. The Right may have its faults but the left is much ore intolerant and bitter when they don’t get their way.

        • DavidAppell

          I don’t remember any noticeable reactions to either of those people. But Bush 2 stole the election and was a disaster for the country and the world. And that was apparent from the moment he was “elected.”

          • Flo Ida

            DA and EB – examples of brains being hacked into by NWO left wing socialist voles.

        • DavidAppell

          “The Right may have its faults but the left is much ore intolerant and bitter when they don’t get their way.”

          Who shuts down the government when things don’t go their way? Who votes 40-some times to repeal the ACA, when they know they don’t have a chance of doing so? Who insultingly said it will now be OK to marry lawnmowers because gays and lesbians were finally given equal rights?

          • Eric Blair

            Let’s not forget the comment about “legitimate rape”.

          • .

            Mormon over U sasscholera plenty wives oxymoron.

  • Granola girl

    The left have become exactly what they hate…Intolerant.

    • thevillageidiot

      What do you mean the left has never been tolerant. Congressman Strom Thurman was an intolerant Democrat until it became politically correct to change.

      • Eric Blair

        Politically correct? Strom Thurmond changed his party to the Republicans in 1964 after Johnson campaigned for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting RIghts Act of 1965. Funny how he found a home in the Republican Party. There was nothing politically correct about it.

    • DavidAppell

      Too many conservatives demand tolerance from others, but won’t give it themselves. It’s an easy ploy to see through.

      • Dick Winningstad

        Give me a break. It is the left demanding tolerance from others to support their own agenda.

        • DavidAppell

          You mean the agenda of equality under the law for all citizens, as required by the 14th Amendment?

          Yeah, that was worth demanding (and worth winning). Conservatives should have too, if they had any respect for the Constitution.

          • .

            Your constitutional circumpectus better zoot suited in LA back alley ways senor winces!

  • Bob Clark

    Someone very close to me was rooting for the Climate Action and Green Peace Folks making a show of it in blocking the Shell Ice Breaker this last week. I just mused this same person groans whenever the price of gasoline goes up and is almost totally dependent on a gasoline powered car she drives.

    Maybe its her protesting roots (70s) she nostalgically is looking back on. Otherwise it makes no sense to me, or seems unbalanced to me.

    Many of our citizens can’t seem to envision the total consequence of an action/policy. They see the initial intuitive benefit, much as a checkers player looking only one move ahead at most. Another way of saying it is much of the electorate usually doesn’t look for the usual unintended consequences of a policy action.

    In the case of trying to ban oil exploration and other stiff regulations against conventional energy, the unintended consequence is a slower growing economy. And a slower growing economy as we have under Obama’s stiff regulatory thumb, means popular social programs such as Medicare and to some extent Social Security are being placed at accentuated risk of becoming even more unaffordable than currently.

    The unspoken choice is do you want to be able to materially prosper and have a strong social safety net, or do you want to devolve into a flat world, possibly even an imploding state like the former Soviet Union, Greece, or more locally Detroit? I know where my choice in this balancing act is. Unfortunately much of the electorate does not see the ultimate seriousness of these policy actions/directions.

    It’s the difference between reasoned thinking, and intuitive (good intentions) thinking.

    • DavidAppell

      Unlike you, Bob, some of us aren’t willing to tolerate 100,000 years of climate change and Valdez/BP-like environmental risk to save a few pennies on a gallon of gas. There are higher values.

      • Dick Winningstad

        You can’t freeze climate change as history has repeatedly shown over three month cycles, 10 year cycles, and 1500 year cycles.

        • DavidAppell

          1) The “three-month” cycle isn’t climate change.
          2) There are no known “10-year cycles,” but there is signficiant natural variability.
          3) Greenhouse warming is easily swamping any claimed 1500-year solar warming cycles.

  • Eric Blair

    And we tolerate Lars’ bad logic and writing.

    1) I doubt anyone tolerates the protest against Shell because of Charlie Hales. Try again

    2) PP is not selling body parts… that has already been shown to be a vicious canard. Try again

    3) So he says. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty, but I suspect he knew quite well what they were doing.

    4) “boozy” boaters? LOL.. seriously? I thought you like to promote yourself as “talk journalism”. Seems like way more talk and not that much journalism.

    And, lets not forget the tolerance of many on the right who cheered on Cliven Bundy’s continued theft of our resources. They even cheered on when protestors pointed loaded rifles at law enforcement officers. Two of those protestors went on to kill a police officer. Good job guys.

    So, whatever you may think of the protestors on the St. John’s bridge, at least they were putting their own lives at risk, and not threatening others.

    • guest


      • Eric Blair

        Feel free to lead by example.

        • guest

          Your pitch couldn’t keep a birch bark canoe afloat and what you paddle looks similar the broad minded whacking away at a rescuer,

  • oregon_man

    Of all people on this planet, Lars has the least cause to whine about tolerance. Lars spends every single day poking around for something to be intolerant about, then he whines with that awful whiny voice on the radio to his below-average fans.

    • Ol’ Blue is that you

      O_M resounds like Theobore loosed out somewhere in SCAMania County. Too bad so sad, seems the ‘writher’ having been potty trained to go on papers other than what’s printed at BlueOregon pulp factionary. .

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