Lars Larson: Unions driving businesses out of business

by Lars Larson

We’ve learned another important lesson from the unions, like we really needed it after all.

Well, we’ve seen it happen right in front of us again. 18,000 people out of work – not all of them union members. But Hostess, a company that actually managed to survive the Depression, but could not survive the oppression of unions, has now gone out of business.

The whole thing is going to be simply liquidated because a bunch of union bakers decided they were unwilling to take an 8% pay cut. So instead, they’re getting the kind of 100% pay cut that we call a “pink slip.”

They’re all out on the bricks, and the company is going to have to sell all of what it’s got, probably at a loss.

Now is that the way America should be run? The unions have gone out of control. They’re driving businesses out of business all over this country and we’ve got to do something to stop it.

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