New poll: Conservatives outnumber liberals in Oregon

Republican Party favorability better than Democratic Party

by NW Spotlight

A July 2015 poll conducted by Clout Research found that conservatives outnumber liberals in Oregon. Poll respondents identified as conservatives 37% of the time, as liberals 35% of the time and as moderate 28% of the time.

Conservatives outnumber liberals_Jul2015

Clout Research – July 2015 Oregon poll

786 Oregon likely voters statewide were surveyed – 41% said they were registered as Democrats and 33% said they were registered as Republicans.

The same poll found that more Oregonians have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party of Oregon than an unfavorable opinion. 45.9% had a favorable opinion and 44.0% had an unfavorable opinion.

Opinion of the Republican Party of Oregon_Jul2015

Clout Research – July 2015 Oregon poll

Favorability was slightly less for the Democratic Party of Oregon, with only a difference of .4% between favorable and unfavorable: 45.8% favorable versus 45.4% unfavorable.

The poll was circulated by the Independent Party of Oregon in a press release yesterday.


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  • Dick Winningstad

    Given the make up of our legislature, it appears that most moderates are closet liberals!

    • Harry Combs

      Bingo, bongo banjo a strumming…

  • Bob Clark

    Kind of a weird message this poll. So, no need to worry as the GOP sits here within one vote of losing its one thread of leverage, the 60% needed by Dems to increase taxes without a vote of the people. Huh?

    • Arele

      Actually, I think, sadly, that it’s very likely that Democrats will indeed win a supermajority sooner or later in Oregon (partly due to redistricting that benefited Democrats), and that even if Oregonians are moderate to “mostly conservative” they won’t really garner enough votes to overcome this until it starts to affect enough of them PERSONALLY.

      Which means when they get hit with higher taxes.

      Sadly, I think things have to get worse before they get better.

      • Tale Waggy McGee

        Especially after Cylvia Hayes becomes officially elected Secretary of State and a dotty gov PAC’s John Kitzhaber off to rule the Oregon Supreme Court or replace a retiring US Senator who loves NY in the first parlance .

    • DavidAppell

      “the 60% needed by Dems to increase taxes without a vote of the people.”

      Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concept of representative democracy?

      • Myke

        Representative democracy is not 100% inclusive, nor does it guarantee honest representation, even in the best of conditions. There is a reason the 60% was implemented by the electorate. Your either being naive, I doubt, or antagonisticly deceptive, more likely.

        • conservatively speaking

          Right on, Myke!

        • DavidAppell

          Of course representative democracy isn’t perfect — no political system is. But it IS the sytem under which our laws are passed. Bob just doesn’t like that he lost — he’s all for the existing system when/if he wins.

          • Dick Winningstad

            But representative democracy did put in the initiative and referendum system and democracy did put in the 60% rule.

          • B’dea’ that a big fall folks

            Twits, Eric Blair and David Appell are reticent to buy it unless it hirsuteth their left wing agenda.

          • HBguy

            Heres’ what I don’t get about that 60% rule. It was passed with a 50% vote. So, could 50% of the Democrats in the Legislature pass a law that said no taxe rates could be lowered except by a vote of 75% of future legislators?

          • Myke

            If “it IS the system which our laws are passed” then why does the current legislature use the ’emergency’ clause to pass additional hidden taxes? Why not be upfront with their intent? You throw out the words “representative” when in fact, they are NOT representative, they’re deceptive. That would be lying by omission on your part.

          • DavidAppell

            They represent us. That doesn’t mean they do everything you or I would like.

            I agree, politicians of all stripes should be more transparent, but that’s a separate issue. Fortunately, we can vote against those who aren’t living up to our standards.

  • HBguy

    The problem is If you describe yourself as a moderate in Oregon, it usually means…as compared to the Portland liberals. Making most moderates still left of center or socially liberal at the very least. Meaning they lean mostly Dem.
    Which may explain the polling on the Independent Party of Oregon that you also posted on today. Obviously, those two polls were done by the same group at the same time, so my guess is that most of those folks who said they;d consider joining the IPO are the self described moderates as it seems highly unlikely that very liberal or very conservative voters have any reason to leave the Oregon Democratic or Republican Parties.
    It also means someone is thinking about how to overcome the clear Democratic Majority statewide by going outside the GOP party apparatus. Interesting

    • Arele

      Still, it’s an interesting finding.

      And this axiom still applies: even progressives turn libertarian once it hits their pocketbooks. And if we elect a Democratic supermajority in the legislature, it most certainly will.

      • .

        Reality Bravo!

  • Gilion Dumas

    Or is it just that “conservatives” answered the phone? Or still have land lines?

    • Arele

      And vote!

      It stands to reason that people who “answer the phone” and “still have land lines” are also more likely to actually vote.

      • DavidAppell


        • .

          ET aka, David Appell, , phone home and await a Plutonium Uber vehicle come along buy to sic yours back to where it bongs. Take Eric Blair along thereto.

          • DavidAppell

            As looney as always.

          • .

            And you’re Debbie Wasserman Schultz in drag.

          • .

            Correction: Doobie!

    • Hi Gilion, the poll reflects lands lines and cell phones: “It included both landline and cell phone respondents and is balanced to reflect the Oregon voting population for gender, age, regional distribution, telephone type, and partisan affiliation.”

      • Gilion Dumas

        Very good!

  • Eric Blair

    So, ya gotta ask yourself, why you keep losing elections in Oregon? Could it be that your message comes across as extreme to the majority of the voters/

    • .

      Free is a very good fleece for numbers seeking out to soak in Oregon’s na├»ve intelligence hospitality.

      • Mother and Father Macrame

        What, no kudos? Are all the Dems out there in support of helping Monique Bleuinski up offer her knees to support one dem after another and another in orifice?

  • HBguy

    Given these results…why doesn’t the Oregon GOP open its primary up to NAV’s? Seems like a good way to get the more conservative NAV’s invested in the GOP candidates.

  • Libscholar

    Numbers don’t really matter. Liberals are smarter than conservatives, so it doesn’t matter how many of us there are…we will always win!!! And we have proven that time and time again in Oregon. We are not a right to work state, the unions block charter schools, and our public sector people retire like sultans.
    Case closed…point proven…no debate.

    • Ann SEIU it goes on and on

      Ripe on big fig newt’n OEA!!!!!

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