Executive Club Speaker: Chris Dudley

Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series
Featuring Chris Dudley

Wednesday April 7th
Portland Airport Shilo Inn
Dinner buffet optional

Please join us for this great meeting
Based solely on the physical side of the two candidates, Executive Club members will be able to say that they’ve heard the “long-and-the-short of it” in the Oregon Governor’s race.

In a manner of speaking, the short of it appeared at the February meeting as candidate Allen Alley was our special guest speaker, though not physically towering, his presentation impressed a lot of the folks who were there Now, at the April meeting we feature the man widely considered to be the other most formidable candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, seven-foot-tall Chris Dudley.

Chris, who announced he was running for Governor last December first came to Oregon as a great defensive center for the Portland Trailblazers. Dudley played for the Blazers for six years of an NBA career that spanned a full 16 years. After his playing days were done, Dudley and his wife, who is also named Chris, decided to settle here with their three children, abd where Chris has since become a partner in two successful financial firms.

At the meeting Dudley will explain what motivated him to try to win elective office … and specifically why he decided to go for the governor’s chair the first time out of the box. The Yale graduate will take questions on his policy perspectives and our members, of course, will be checking out his conservative bona fides. Don’t miss this important presentation.