Iran nuke deal worse than Babe Ruth trade

Jeff Anderson_thb

by Jeff Anderson

Worst deal ever….until now.

It was almost 100 years ago that Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in exchange for funding of a Broadway Musical.

It is considered by many to be the worst deal in baseball history.

As bad as this deal was, it was just baseball.

The world did not become a less safe place; a regime that boldly shouts Death to America!, finances and emboldens terror groups that slaughter Jews & Christians and has promised to wipe Israel off the map wasn’t rewarded with 150 billion Dollars. They didn’t give greater access to long range ballistic weapons to their enemy and put them on a fast track to becoming a nuclear terrorist super power.

Harry’s trade was clearly a blunder, it would be another 86 years before the once powerful Red Sox would win another world championship.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth

I won’t be around in another 86 years but my hopes are that my yet-to-be born grandchildren and great grandchildren are able to be around and see America’s Game being played.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was signed despite the objection of the Republican Congress and many key Democratic members of Congress and is opposed by the vast majority of the American public. It could go down as the worst negotiation in history.

As more details come out about this opaque deal we find that the “anywhere / anytime” inspections of nuclear production facilities that President Obama promised was in fact simply false. That statement was proven to be as accurate as “I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinsky” and “If you like your plan, you can keep you plan…..period”.

Red Sox fans cringe when they think about the foolish negotiation that led to The Curse of The Bambino and the cloud of futility that hung over Boston for nearly 100 years.

I cringe at the possibility that the negotiation of our current president and his minions will lead to a different type of cloud in the future.

I hope that I’m wrong, I hope that Congress is wrong, I hope that the majority of the American public, world leaders and some of our closest allies are wrong.

If this deal makes you feel that we are safer and that our future and the future of our grandchildren is brighter because of this deal, please explain to me why.

Jeff is a native Oregonian and a local business owner.

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  • Bob Clark

    The Iran deal is wrong because Iran can not be trusted to provide much benefit in return (Senator Scheister/Shummer has it right in this incidence). I get the desire of the U.S to re-establish a relation with Persia with at least some elements of the relationship existing before the 1979 Iran rebellion. But Iran is not ready to give us much of anything positive at this point.

    Rather the best course of action is to continue a containment policy with sanctions. It’s the long road and is not as costly as military intervention.

    In fact, the Obama/Kerry deal might actually cause military action eventually when the elements are repeatedly and willingly violated by Iran; giving ultimate justification for military intervention. In the mean time, Trump is probably right other countries currently in cold war with Iran in the Persian Gulf area will look to gain their own nuclear weapons.

    • mike

      Really, where do you get your facts of a public bathroom wall?

      • .

        Wipe out Mikey or change his Depends whatever.

    • ISLAM in ISIS not good 4 US

      Fair warning.

      • redbean

        ISIS not good 4 US? So why do we send them weapons and thwart those who fight them? IS ISUS US?

        • Bendem Over Ackwards

          Obaminations clod out most everywhere. Deposit them in deep in the farces of a New World Order cesspool along with the Clintoonz and dehorned RINO’s.

    • redbean

      “I get the desire of the U.S to re-establish a relation with Persia with at least some elements of the relationship existing before the 1979 Iran rebellion.”

      Yikes. Hope you don’t mean the Shah, who got Iran’s nuclear program going with the help of US cronies, BTW.

      Our history with Iran goes back a little further than 1979…

  • Really?

    You’re right! All those nuclear physicist and retired military commanders who have come out in support of the deal are a bunch of idiots! What the heck do they know anyway. OMG#dumbbutts

    • Really, he’s nuts to US

      Oh you NWO genereical ewe ramskull, left wiinger dinter!

      • Really?

        Rule #1 don’t be a douche
        Rule#2. Really, don’t be a douche

        • Mac Aroni

          Spook ewe Ramen-strator, support schlocker for Appell and Blair mikel moore often obscene in a pool of left blank committing to dorkanismry

          • Really

            Colin Powell just came out and supported the deal. Intelligence isn’t tied to political leaning. Stop the childish babbling. When you do that you’re the poster child of the idiotic conservative. Keep reinforcing the stereotype if that’s your thing.

          • Moe

            If he supports it, it must be good. He is a very good man.

          • Schwarzkopf Bettor

            Generic Powell strikes moist as a Muhammad fiendly Ally.

          • IhateLiberals

            You mean RINO Powell – who supports Obama?

          • redbean

            Big-Gov is as Big-Gov does.

        • redbean

          Sorry to change the subject, but when did feminine hygiene become an insult? Is that like, misogynist, or something?

  • HBguy

    Did you ever consider that we may be the Yankees and Iran the Red Sox?
    This is a good deal because most experts on the subject say so. And the alternatives proposed are either not really available (our Allies will not continue a harsh sanction regime if the U.S. Refutes the agreement) or are much worse (Bibi’s foreign policies have contributed to making the ME less safe and stable and are not in the best interests of the U.S.)
    Neither an anonymous commentator nor a PDX businessman, regardless of our innate intelligence- or lack thereof- have a lot to contribute as far as analysis goes. So I can’t really help you with the details, but I would suggest that we should focus on what experts say and not what politicians argue for partisan benefit.

    • Albeit Pogo Possum sees that 2

      Regarding the Iran canard tableau: “Trust everybody, but cut the cards.” ~ W.C. Fields
      Update: Common sense has left the building and the gambolling House of Islam pit bosses are smiling over whatever hath possessed US.

  • Peaceboy

    These brave men have done the best they can. Now we must support them. Anything is better than war. Anything.

    • guest

      Tell that to Holocaust victim’s.

      • Eric Blair

        Ahhh.. and Muslims were the perpetrators of the Holocaust? Or… was it good Christians that greased the genocide machinery?

        • Blair bean Appell sauced

          You beheading onward toward anal ISIS of immense contortions Cleric Blair, seemingly ewe a ramification of ever grinding Don savant of sum phoney baloney extensive monumental disorder.

        • redbean

          “Good Christians?” Hardly. Those volks were pagans through and through.

  • IhateLiberals

    Nice false teeth you have there Buckwheat.

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