Judge Vance Day: Victim of Oregon ‘tolerance’

Judge Vance Day

Judge Vance Day

by NW Spotlight

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day has been in the news recently because he has stopped performing weddings after U.S. District Judge Michael McShane’s 2014 ruling that effectively legalized gay marriage in Oregon.

According to a September 4, 2015 article in the Salem Statesman Journal “In Marion County, judges are not required to perform marriages. Marion County’s website lists five active judges and one retired judge who are available for ceremonies.”

Judge Day is now the target of the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability. He will go before the Commission on November 9, 2015 in Salem. The complaint has what Judge Day describes as “everything and the kitchen sink,” including incidents from 2012 at his son’s soccer game (not kidding), an incident with a former member of Navy SEAL Team Six (who was enrolled due to a felony DUII) and a firearm (which Judge Day self-reported), having a “Hitler picture” up in the courthouse, and declining to perform marriages after marriage was redefined in Oregon.

The “Hitler picture” incident has produced some of the most sensationalized and pathetically biased reporting in recent history, which is saying something. Guess it’s just life in the day when newspapers live and die by how many “clicks” a story gets. Judge Day has installed a large collection of Oregon veteran’s memorabilia in the courthouse, including from past Oregon Supreme Court justices. One of those was from an Oregonian who served in the 82nd Airborne during WW II. The vet had sent home a small portrait of Hitler he’d cut out while setting up a hospital, and it was one of the things his family donated. It was included in the background as part of a wall hanging that included photos of the vet, dog tags, military patches, etc. It was included to show who these “citizen soldiers” had defeated, the mass murdering Hitler. Check out the photo in this Oregonian article to see for yourself.

Judge Day was the chair of the Oregon Republican Party from 2005-2009. Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber appointed Vance Day as a circuit court judge back in 2011, in what was intended to be an example of the governor’s “bipartisan approach.”

Judge Day was recently on KATU’s Your Voice, Your Vote and did an excellent job of explaining what’s happening:

It really appears that Judge Vance Day is being attacked because he refuses to do any weddings in Oregon because of his religious views. He is not performing ANY weddings, so there is no “discrimination” and it’s not required of him to do weddings. So it appears they are going after him for other alleged “violations.” It probably also doesn’t help him that he was a chair of the Oregon GOP in this one-party rule state.

All this costs money, and it’s costing him personally. If you’d like to donate to his defense fund, please click here on Defend Judge Day.

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  • Dick Winningstad

    Ah…. The forces of tyranny, er tolerance, at it again.

    • Eric Blair

      Why Dick, are you only following what the media reports?

  • dunstvangeet

    Judge Day is not a victim of Tolerance. He’s a victim of his own stupidity. Out of the 13 charges being levied against him, the gay marriage thing (COUNT 12) only comprises one of them. Let me lay out some of the other charges against him.

    1. COUNT 6: “Judge Day singled BAS out for attention and improperly imposed himself onto BAS. Judge Day’s conduct put BAS in the position of being subject to Judge Day’s attentions, while being aware of Judge Day’s control over his probation status.”
    What that means is that Judge Day basically lached himself onto this BAS person, and inappropriately took the relationship outside the courthouse, despite him being directly over his probation. He, on at least one occasion, hired BAS to do some work on his daughter’s home, and visited BAS at home on another occasion (each of these times, he allowed BAS to handle a firearm, which is strictly forbidden in Oregon law. That is Counts 3-4. The fact that he lied about it to his supervisor is Count 5.) He continually basically harassed this person, including bizarre orders within his judicial orders, including having this person read the Book “Fearless”, which was about Seal Team Six, which BAS was a former member of. This book caused flashbacks in BAS. COUNT 8 is that he misstated what happened in a letter to the commission (he stated that he reassigned the case, when in fact the case was forcefully reassigned from him).

    2. COUNT 9: “Judge Day collected money from lawyers, including those appearing before him in court, to sponsor veteran-related wall hangings in the Marion County courthouse hallways. Donation checks were delivered to Judge Day at the courthouse.” What this basically says is that Judge Day solicited money from lawyers appearing before him to hang wall hangings of Veterans. One of these wall hangings included a promenant picture of Hitler.

    3. COUNT 10: “Judge Day hung pictures and wall hangings in his judicial assistant’s work area at the courthouse, despite being advised by her that she did not want those items in her work area. When his judicial assistant removed the items while Judge Day was on vacation, Judge Day told her that he is a “benevolent dictator” and that she “works at his pleasure.” Judge Day also asked her whether she became a circuit court judge while he was away on vacation.” I think this one is self-explainatory.

    • Libs R Bongful Toming WTF

      Au BS, dunstvangeet! Go poke an airy-bellefonte’ banal up your assertion and sing “Day O” until tally-whackers com-raid upon your estate!

      • Eric Blair


        • dunstvangeet

          I’m presuming it’s some sort of reference, but I don’t want to ask.

          • LRBT…

            Libs R so dictatorial that North Korea’s boss jawbone has their pictures posted alongside his Papa’s sins you ask.

  • Marshall

    The people sensationalizing this story and making it about gay marriage have been Vance Day and his attorney. Publicly, all we knew was that an investigation was happening. It was Vance Day that came out and said this was about gay marriage and a hitler poster. Conveniently leaving out 11 more charges filed against him. Also, the specific charge related to gay marriage has to do with his actions specifically after the gay marriage ruling. For a period of time he directed his clerks to screen couples wanting to get married based on their sexual orientation. That’s a pretty clear violation of Oregon non-discrimination law. Something a sitting judge should know. Performing marriages is a completely optional duty for an Oregon judge, had he just taken his name off the list of judges willing to perform marriages period (which he did do eventually) there would be no investigation.
    What I see in this whole case is a Judge trying to jump on the ridiculous “Gay Marriage Martyr” band-wagon as a way to distract from much more serious ethical violations and possibly raise money for his legal defense fund.

    • Harl Haas sieze it your way

      You should squawk! Every time an appointed left wing judge retires another is anointed. That’s been going on for merely 28 years you member of the Dem syndicatory.

      • Eric Blair

        Oh, I hate to throw logic into this, but what does that have to do with Vance Day?

        • Oregon needs rightening

          Power, unquestionably in the hands of ‘organized’ Dem hosiery, absolutely.

          • Eric Blair


          • Onr

            Like you’re unaware of Oregon’s judiciary holy domain? Bwahaha, what a nimrod supplicantal vole you akin to be

          • Eric Blair


          • Coffe, tea or Air Force One

            Terry Bean have his charms around you like Barbara Roberts and Suzanne Bonamici ewe wool pullover?

          • Eric Blair


          • .

            Sgt Schultz Blairs another tootie.

  • Moe

    and you fools wonder why people are supporting outsiders????

    • Eric Blair

      And when you call people fools do you wonder why they don’t take you seriously?

      • Playon Whorlds

        Neil Simon sees your ante and ups yours to where your PERS can’t slime off “Fools” with footings on solid ground, monsieur heresy barrister.

        • Eric Blair


          • guest again

            Your act bongs snookered with the Gong Show, booked into infertility like the original host and twit revoked into banality transmogrified.

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