Legal shenanigans mar Oregon same-sex marriage decision

legal court

Oregon Family Council

Portland, OR, May 19th, 2014: Regardless of your view on same-sex marriage, May 19th, 2014 will be remembered as a tragic day for Oregonians and our cherished system of representative government.

From every appearance, key elected officials in collusion with special interests and a single federal judge have taken the sacred constitutional process of lawmaking and turned it into a coordinated publicity stunt.

The tragedy began when the Attorney General and Governor spurned their sworn duty to uphold the state constitution by refusing to defend a key provision duly passed by some 57% of the electorate. Next, one federal judge, Michael McShane, through an abuse of technical shenanigans literally barred any argument defending the Oregon constitutional definition of marriage from being presented in court.

Today the collusion is fully exposed. Amazingly, at the very moment the judge’s sealed decision is released, every county courthouse already has in place “revised” license forms to accommodate same-sex marriages with same-sex couples eagerly waiting in line, prepared statements in hand.

We applaud the efforts of the National Organization for Marriage who on behalf of their Oregon members are in the process of filing emergency appeals with higher courts. They are requesting the right to present a legitimate defense of Oregon’s constitutional definition of marriage. Perhaps due process will yet prevail.

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  • DavidAppell

    The Oregon Family Council isn’t in favor of famlies.
    They’re just looking for some way to keep their prejudice alive.
    And today they were soundly defeated.
    That is a very good thing.
    Bigotry crawls back into its black corner — once again.

    • Myke

      Its NOT bigoted to say “I wish to not participate.” But, it IS fascist to require one to.

      • Eric Blair

        But it is bigoted to say, “Your getting married violates my religious beliefs, so I’m going to prevent you from getting married and force you to abide by my religious convictions.”

        Why shouldn’t gays get the same full civic benefits of marriage as straight couples? Insistence that gay couples be second class citizens is a bigoted action.

        • .

          Bigoted, you’re blight attending your insurrection, Appell crumbly and kvetch.

        • .

          Nuts said the queen to the king, If I had your tureen you’d be chicken soup for no one’s dole.

        • guest

          SS”M” isn’t marriage, it will never be a marriage, because it can’t be. Perversion IS NOT marriage! Being against sin isn’t bigoted. Gay “couples” are not second class citizens, they CHOOSE to live the way they are, and expect EVERYONE to condone what they are doing. I don’t condone perversion, but that doesn’t mean I hate the person. Marriage cannot be redefined. It was created by God, BEFORE religion existed for the purpose of bringing together two completely DIFFERENT sexes together for pro-creation. Marriage isn’t about two gay men or two gay women, it’s about the CHILDREN that come from the love of a husband and wife. Homosexuals can’t have kids, they know that, so they have to find surrogates, or do IVF and the child becomes a commodity or a science project, NOT a gift that is created between a man and a woman, THAT’S marriage. There is no bigotry here, the only bigotry is those who agree with ss”m” and condemn those that are fighting against it.

  • Shawn

    Just an observation, but The Oregon officials swore to uphold the US constitution above the state one and if they felt to US constitution was violated their duty was to defend that first. Secondly, what higher court can NOM appeal to? The federal district court and the 9th appeals court turned them down and the SCOTUS decision in the Perry case says that 3rd parties cannot intervene either so in Oregon at least they are dead in the water.

  • Bill

    I am going to marry Ralph tomorrow!

    • .

      Bend over s’more and D.A. will accommodate you ripe to the core.

  • guest

    Same sex “marriage” is NOT a marriage, it never will be. Homosexuals CANNOT pro-create. They are destroying what marriage is about, CHILDREN. Marriage isn’t about lust and fornication! This insanity has to stop.

    • Eric Blair

      Infertile, opposite sex, couples can’t procreate either. Would you argue that their marriage isn’t real? Same with opposite-sex couples who chose to not have children – is their marriage a sham?

      Marriage actually is about lust, although I think fornication occurs outside of a marriage (technically speaking). It makes having all those children you seem to wish on married couples that much more fun.

      I love being the bearer of bad news: marriage is not, nor has it ever been, just about having children.

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