Lars Larson: Proud of the Tea Parties

I couldn’t be more proud of what America has done with the Tea Parties.

We have a President who just this week bemoaned the fact that “America is the dominant superpower” on planet earth, as this sad sack puts it, “whether we like it or not”. And, you thought back in Jimmy Carter’s day his American malaise was bad.

The fact is we have a government that just isn’t listening anymore. Americans are protesting with Tea Parties that America is taxed enough, in debt enough and has seen free enterprise put in government hands enough already and now told that we have to buy health care.

Whether we like it or not, we have to fight back against this socialist from Chicago. We have to cut the government down to size, live within our means, pay our bills, take our country back and elect a new President who is not ashamed of America’s role in world freedom.

A billion people on this planet owe their freedom to the United State. Whether Barry likes it or not”¦”Happy Tea Party” everybody!

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