Help me go to Iraq on a mission of love

By Jason Williams
(Williams is the co-founder of the Taxpayer Association, OregonWatchdog)

My heart just sank when I saw the image of that little Syrian refugee boy who washed ashore trying to flee the Middle East catastrophe.

Instead of telling other people what to do I have decided to ask myself “What can I do?”

Help me go to Iraq

As a result, I have enlisted with a local Oregon church to go Northern Iraq to serve refugees in the Kurdish community of Soran.


The church previously helped build tent shelters which have since been damaged from a windstorm and need our repair. Our team will also be delivering soccer equipment (NIKE is donating shoes) and helping to teach English. The Kurdish people just adore Americans and embrace them as dear friends.

If you believe that we can build a better world through person to person service, then please consider helping me fund my trip.

I have until Friday October 16th to raise $2,975.

Go here to donate.

Your gift is tax deductible.

I have had only had a few weeks to prepare for this trip, so my ability to absorb the trip fees has been overwhelming.  I appeal to those who, like me, feel called to do something to spread hope, love and peace in the Middle East.


You can read about the Kurdistan miracle from 60 Minutes here.

Why the Middle East?

Last year, during an Israel tour, our group was taken to the border of Syria. You could see the cities in the distance. Hearing the gun fire echoes just broke something inside of me that I will never, never, never forget. You could feel the horrific entrapment of families in the city while feeling so distant in your own safety and security on the safe side of the border.  Something deep in your soul just leaps out to help.  Now every time I hear a story about the Middle East I remember that gun fire.

I have seen firsthand how personal charity makes an incredible difference

I have done short-term charity trips before to help typhoon victims in the Philippines and the earthquake victims in Nepal & Haiti.  In the Philippines (photo below) we were able to give medical help to 700 villagers.   People helping people through personal involvement service goes a long way.


If you read this far, you must feel a connection to those families in need and wish to help.  Please give through me and let me help those refugees with your support.

Go here to donate.