Video: Obama heckled by gay rights protesters

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Wether you are liberal or conservative, heckling is always a set-back to democracy.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wonder if BO will be heckled by the press one bit regarding the Goldman Sachs scam currently being run.

    This is ridiculous. An investigation that has been going on for nine months just happens to spring to the fore right when BO is pushing his financial reform scams.

    Wow – What a co inky dink.

    Oh, and for some mysterious reason, right at that exact moment, BO buys the search terms Goldman Sachs SEC, that just happens to lead to a White House web site for donations, I mean right at the same time.

    WOW!!!!! How amazingly coincidental!

    Oh, and gee, gotta love the NYT somehow knowing about the the whole thing before the SEC even announced it!

    This thing stinks to high heaven.

    While passage of new financial regulations remains uncertain, the acromony we once heard from the left about abuse of power will now be the calm of neutered silence.

    Let us all raise a glass of ale and laugh at our once so “moral high ground” comrades! Whatever lofty heights they may have once claimed, let us look now upon that pit where such stooges now clearly wallow.

    • valley p

      If unfounded accusations were currency you could buy Goldman Sachs.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        This from the man who regularly claims Bush committed treason.

        Sorry Dean – coming from you, who has accused the President, when it was Bush, of treason and the CIA of violating the constitution its just a little ridiculous.

        You are a total partisan, your morality changing depending on whether there is a D or an R after the name.

        Now that its a D, we have to have a full trial and conviction and sustained on appeal before you will raise a peak.

        To convict George Bush, all you needed was to read a bumper sticker.

        Napoleon is always right Dean.

        • valley p

          “This from the man who regularly claims Bush committed treason.”

          Uh…no. You de man who always claims I claimed such a thing, but I don’t and never have. You just can’t help being wrong can you? Its in your DNA.

          My “claim,” which is documented fact, is that Bush and Cheney lied to drum up support for the Iraq war. ‘We have NO DOUBT…..etc….” If those lies amounted to treason, so be it, but that is not my claim. Nor have I claimed anything about the CIA.

          But nice diversion from my point.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >But nice diversion from my point.

            Pointing out how you regularly make baseless accusations and giving an example of same is hardly a diversion. It is addressing your point head on.

            Please, don’t compound your inconsistency on accusations with bad logic.

            You claim as fact a treasonous charge against Bush and Cheney. Yet you could never list a trial, conviction or even congressional inquiry proving such thing.

            The point is clear sir – when it comes to your party, you demand full trial and conviction, when it comes to the opposition the mere whiff of rumor suffices for fact.

            Ok – so you are clearly being ridiculously partisan with your double standard so now, as promised, I shall figuratively raise a glass of ale to you and mock you.

            I shall do so in Renaissance Faire tone because it is more absurd and mocking of you and because it is a more fun way to make light of your ludicrous silliness.

            Loose the dogs of idiocy and let the mocking begin!

            I laugh at you, for your moral indignation is not that of a principled man but rather a slavish lap dog, a servant. A servant who is unquestioning of his leaders so long as they are of his party and endlessly critical of any opposition, no matter how baseless the charge.

            I shall laugh at you with hearty zest and gusto when such time comes as you ever claim moral high ground or righteous indignation.

            For morals are not yours, and righteousness as mysterious a quantity to you as the depths of the deepest ocean are to a more principled man.

            You hurl baseless charges and claim conviction of same with the abandon of a child in a tantrum. Yet when someone mentiones facts that even the accused acknowledges as all true, you excuse or claim such as baseless with an alacrity the is more that of reflexive savant than informed adult.

            Forsooth Nave! – I caution thee – When righteous indignation from your pen shall emerge, expect it to be met with this mocking and inane Renaissance tone.

            For one your duplicity of the most base and obvious form is due little more than jest and jeer.

            Expect the more of the same should it reappear!

          • valley p

            “You claim as fact a treasonous charge against Bush and Cheney.”

            I claim nothing of the sort. Bush and Cheney lied about their certainty regarding both Iraq and links to al Queda. This is well documented, hence it is not a “claim”.It is fact. Were their lies “treasonous”? I have no idea. You are the constitutional scholar (guffaw) Rupert. You tell me.

            “The point is clear sir – when it comes to your party, you demand full trial and conviction, when it comes to the opposition the mere whiff of rumor suffices for fact. ”

            You have it exactly backwards. Look in the mirror for heaven’s sake.

            To educate Sir Rupert or not to educate– that is the question:
            Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
            The slings and arrows of outrageous Rupert,
            Or to give voice against a sea of nonsense
            And, by opposing, end them. To blog, to post
            No more – and through a post to say we end
            The heartache and the thousand natural shocks
            That logic is heir to – ‘tis a constipation
            Devoutly to be avoided. To blog, to post
            To read your nonsense is perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub,
            For in that blogging an education may yet come

            Or not.

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