Call to action: Oregon judge villainized for faith

Oregon Family Council

Oregon Family Council

Respected Circuit Judge, Vance Day is the subject of a “judicial fitness” investigation that is bordering on the bizarre. It stems from the decision to recuse himself from officiating future marriages, man-woman or same-sex. He felt it was an impartial solution to honor his faith beliefs following Oregon’s legalization of same-sex marriage. As a result, critics have launched an assault on Judge Day with outlandish assertions that include honoring Adolf Hitler in a US Veteran’s Memorial.

Read about the story here and here.

At Oregon Family Council we believe in the importance of continuing to have a Christian voice in our political and legal system. The investigation into Vance Day is completely uncalled for, and only shows the extreme prejudice against people of faith and their values.

We urge you to contact the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability and voice support for Vance Day, and call for religious accommodations for people of faith serving in public office.

Please click here for information on how to contact the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

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  • Selah

    Judge Vance “Light Of” Day” IMO, a good man in the right place at a right time, esp. when left wing secular Pharisees are in taking all they icon garner, to deface God and his commandments.

  • FFR

    Making allowances for the halo effect yields about 20-25% of Americans who actually go to church most Sundays. Why does such a minority think that the rest of the 75-80% of Americans give a crap what they think?


    • Myke

      Tyranny of the majority. The gay community makes up about 10-15% of the population. “Why does such a minority think that the rest of the” 85-90% “of Americans give a crap what they think?” Thats why.

      • FFR

        So you believe that if you are a small enough “%” of the population that it is o.k. to discriminate against you? I don’t give a flying F what your religion is-if you’re a science teacher you can’t teach the myth of creationism. It goes with the job! For this bigot to say he won’t do any weddings because he might be asked to do a gay wedding means he is not fit to sit on the bench!! Judges have to be IMPARTIAL! I sure the heck know if I were gay I would not want my case heard by a judge who has publicly stated his bigotry against a certain portion of the population. Don’t want to preform marriages? Pick a different profession.

        • Dick Winningstad

          Discriminate? How so?

        • Delight of Day

          Kneel down and kiss the ground you’re not in a state of antichrist ISIS where totalitarian judgement executes brutally rather than commute sins of aberrant behaviorists who don’t concur with their sway.
          Maranatha fella, to salve or save your soul.

        • Myke

          I just turned your logic on its head. I didn’t express my opinion. You know nothing of what I think, and just exposed your bias. Your a bigot in a different suit.

          • FFR

            LOL! Some people think that stands for laugh out loud, for me you are one of the targets of my bias. I can’t stand stupid people! I admit it! Those people who bring their misbehaving dog into the grocery store or Home Depot, morons! Those people who are too lazy to put their shopping cart away, jackasses! I don’t think you understand the term “logic or on its head” good try though. Religion isn’t an excuse to discriminate!

          • Whose to Judge Terry Bean

            Why stomp there thou Walmartian withers’ in drag pretending you’re Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sic, [Oraclegasmizer]?

    • Dick Winningstad

      Why should you give a crap about what a judge decides not to do? A task that is not required?

      • FFR

        What is required is that a judge be impartial and unbiased. It sounds to me like he does not believe gays should have the same rights as everyone else. Would it be ok if he did only gay weddings, and refused heterosexual weddings? Or if he refused to marry a black man to a white woman? Maybe you don’t care about a judge with prejudices but I do.

        • Dr. Wrecks Organ

          You’re seem on a witch hunt with nothing to witch for.
          That seemingly your bias, recommend you call for Dr. Terry Bean to come and remove the prominence extending from you posterior – and, replace it with an insert of his instrumentation that’ll tape measure your banality.

        • Dick Winningstad

          You really mean biased toward sodomy don’t you.
          The judge has decided to not do any weddings and has a lower number of complaints about his court actions than other judges. So what is your point?

          • FFR

            Woah there DICK! You can entertain yourself all you want with that dirty sodomy talk. I’d like to stay focused on is this judge fit to serve on the bench? A judge who is not willing to treat all US Citizens equally is not fit to serve, IMHO

          • Beau of the Ball Ballou

            @ FFR, bend over, take a whack and then paddy your shack under shape of a David Appell tree where Eric Blair and Terry Bean concierge.

          • FFR

            You and DICK should get together for some pig play!

          • Momma licks @ FFR’s booboo

            Loboy, carboy, place your facet over the cesspool where it’s drawn from, shilgrim!

          • Dick Winningstad

            No I am on the topic you stated. Your requirement of impartiality is to be accepting of sodomy. I would suggest his performance in court would be more important. And given his low numbers of complaints compared to other judges he appears to be an impartial judge.

  • Ron Swaren

    People, in times of doubt, have looked to officials for something beyond policy—-moral and ethical guidance. One of my construction co-workers had a son who ran afoul of the law and the LE officer told him, “That boy should be in church!” According to the ultra left such off-the-cuff moral guidance would be horrible.

    What decline we are seeing—extending to the credulity of public officials.

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