Kate Brown’s failing leadership

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And some wonder why the public is fed up with career politicians who say one thing and do another. In the case of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s position on statewide tests—do one thing and say another?

All anyone needs to do is check out Beth Slovic’s recent article in Willamette Week.

Here’s the story in nutshell:

Brown signed a bill, pushed by the Oregon Education Association (OEA), that made it easier for Oregon students to opt-out of statewide tests. These tests were designed to determine if a student is college-ready. The teachers’ union thinks the state’s new standardized tests are “harmful” to kids. The union is also a longtime political funder of Kate Brown, and at least two of its top officials have taken jobs in Brown’s administration (one as a key education adviser).

So, Brown signed the OEA’s priority bill. What came next is just incredible. After signing a bill that made it easier for parents to opt their kids out of standardized tests and harder for local school officials to do their jobs (part of which is ensuring that students take the test so Oregon doesn’t lose federal school funds), Brown then urged parents not to let their kids skip the test.

In Slovic’s article, Hood River School Superintendent Dan Golden called the move “hypocritical.” He was just getting started: “[Brown] signed a bill she knew was bad for kids…,” Golden wrote in a Sept. 8 email to the state. “I am ashamed of our state leadership.”

He’s right, of course. Kate Brown seems to have taken a page out of the career politician’s handbook. She was for Oregon school children skipping tests before she was against it.

Last week, The Oregonian published excerpts from a journal that former Gov. John Kitzhaber kept during his first stint as governor.

“No courage and no leadership,” he wrote at one point. “Nobody is willing to put their political career on the line for principle.”

He was talking about Democrat and Republican legislators. Sadly, he singled out Kate Brown.

We can do better for our Oregon—better for our kids. The first thing we can do is end the political doubletalk.


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  • Rick Lakehomer

    And anything else or less was expected from another liberal who hides in red diapers? She is just another clown from the far left and the state continues to suffer from liberal stupidity.

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      • Rooster Cockburn

        Go sell your assets on BlueOregon Ms. Divine! .

  • raven6

    Leadership? what leadership? By the way Rick, noting your post,liberal needs redefinition to: Liberal = progressive = regressive. Liberals are mis-identified, they are totally regressive. Control freaks who have no ethical or moral boundaries. Forget intellectual.

  • thevillageidiot

    Yes Kate is really bad. But we don’t need Bud either. I we get rid of the federal funding the stat could would then be able to do whatever they wished for education. the 300 million makes up about 4% of the school budget funding. The republican party already was willing to add another billion to the school budget. Bud just wants to add more government to an already overburdened taxpayer base. So this Bud is not for Oregon. lets keep things in perspective a loss of federal funding is not going to ruin the already poor education performance in Oregon. So what other ridiculous proposals does he have.

    • Gardenhomeboy

      Losing hundreds of millions of dollars will have an impact and it won’t be good. If this happened at a different time then maybe it wouldn’t matter much, but that isn’t reality. And sure Oregon education already stinks, but losing that amount of money will hurt. Where does it say that Bud wants more government? You are being silly.

  • Sihan

    As an educator and a professional I resent deeply the notion that some pinhead in an office far, far away can devise an exam to test my students. Only I know them and what I have taught them, so only I can determine what they know and how well they know it. End this nonsense, please, and listen to our president when he says stop this maddening testing over and over again. My kids don’t test that well, so it is not really a fair evaluation of them or me.

  • Bob Clark

    Brown is owned lock, stock and barrel by SEIU and other public employee unions. When she was State Senator she didn’t try to hide this fact, as she held most of her town hall meetings I attended at SEIU Portland headquarters building.

    Kitzhaber at least had an independent streak in him, and even though he was crooked (for love); at least, he didn’t rollover for public employee union interests as Brown’s puppet like governance.

    • Native Oregonian


  • Jack Lord God

    Oh please, Kate Brown is a Democrat. She has a D by her name. That’s really all that matters. “Return for five cent deposit, stick it in the round hole in the machine, get your nickle” that’s how people vote. “D” stand for elected, turn off brain, pull lever, walk out, congratulation, you can say you helped poor people. Simple and thoughtless as that. Never mind poor people get screwed, our education system is the worst, unemployment consistently bad, wages low, but hey plenty of bike paths! Double plus good! Vote for the winning team! No mind necessary. Pull D Every Time!

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