Kate Brown gets her revenge

by NW Spotlight

Secretary of State Kate Brown thought she could get away with violating the law and, by not telling anyone until the printing needs to be done, get away with the violation. Judge Steven L. Price endorsed this position by his ruling this afternoon in Marion County Circuit Court. Sweet revenge for Kate Brown.

As you may recall back in 2006, it was Sen. Bruce Starr who helped to shame then Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown into supporting Jessica’s Law; forced Kate Brown to stop defending child sex offenders. Sen. Bruce Starr went on Lars Larson & Bill O’Reilly back in 2006 and explained who it was that was holding up Jessica’s Law: Sen. Kate Brown. Kate Brown was livid. With national pressure, Jessica’s Law was passed in the subsequent special session.

Kate Brown is the kind of arrogant politician who feels OK abusing her position to exact a personal vendetta – while helping a fellow Democrat who’s in danger of losing in May. And this afternoon, Judge Price showed that in Oregon, she can.