Oregon gets an ‘F’ in government integrity

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by NW Spotlight

The Pulitzer-winning Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity just came out with their 2015 State Integrity Investigation – and Oregon got an ‘F’. The ‘F’ grade was based on assessing the systems in place to deter corruption in state government.

The report highlighted the Kitzhaber-Hayes scandals and noted that Oregon is a “state where ethical behavior is assumed rather than regulated,” and “where good behavior is taken for granted rather than enforced.”

The report noted “Oregon’s overall failing grade represented a substantial dip from the C- the state received from the last State Integrity Investigation scorecard in 2012,” with the caveat that “the grades and scores are not directly comparable due to changes made to improve and update the questions and methodology.”

The investigation findings were reported locally in The Oregonian, by KGW, KOIN, KXL and in the Bend Bulletin.

The findings are hardly surprising to Oregon Republicans. Decades of one-party rule have led to complacency and partisan political protection for Democrats.

Republican former state Rep. Dennis Richardson said one of the key reasons he’s running for Oregon Secretary of State is because of “concerns about a lack of transparency and a failure to implement real reforms in the wake of the Kitzhaber scandal.” Richardson lamented “The legislature left many good ethics reform bills on the drafting room floor—bills that would have addressed lessons learned from the Kitzhaber debacle. Instead, we saw partisan politics win out.”

Republican state Sen. Doug Whitsett recently wrote at length on how “Further ethics reform still needed in Oregon.” Whitsett noted “Unfortunately, several other bills that would have provided much-needed ethics reform failed to pass in the highly partisan atmosphere of the 2015 session. Majority Democrats used their numerical advantage to keep many of these bills from advancing through the legislative process.”

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  • Doggie

    F is too high.

  • thevillageidiot

    obviously the report is expecting the best government from the most regulation and enforcement of ethics. unfortunately ethics cannot be regulated or enforced. it requires people with ethics. In general politicians do not qualify. However they are of the same mentality as other con artists with the ability to tell a bald faced lie convincingly with a straight face. to all the politicians who think that ethics can be legislated it is time to move on and let real ethical people take your place. but then those people know better than to run for public office. There are a few ethical politicians but they are definitely in the minority. this is not just a party related mentality. unethical behavior crosses to both parties. How many of you work in jobs where you are required to take the company ethics training. and how many of you are allowed to make decisions affecting the company as a whole? who does not take the ethics training? Those who have all the authority in the company. Same for guvment. So for all of you politicians out there who think ethics legislation, government transparency, etc will make a difference are only fooling the sheep who think you are the best politician money can buy.

  • MrBill

    I noticed from the integrity investigation that no state got higher than a C. Most states got D’s and 11 got F’s. It seems like a pretty widespread problem and Oregon is not alone.

  • HBguy

    When constant fundraising is the only route to election, then monied special interests will make demands and corrupt the system. Few officials who vote based on what’s good for all of us will last long. They will either quit before they are corrupted by the money, or will be defeated by a more compliant candidate.

    • redbean

      When government intrudes into everyone’s business (financial, personal, spiritual), then “monied special interests will make demands and corrupt the system.” Money is the most effective way for individuals to influence government, reality being what it is. When government shrinks its sphere of influence, money will shrink its sphere of influence.

      • HBguy

        Larger government spending certainly makes corruption more likely. But that is only part of the problem. More money in politics also leads to larger government spending. You may never be able to reduce the size of government until we can get a handle on special interest spending.
        There is a difference between what’s good for America, and what’s good for a list of special interests. Right now, many believe that the GOP and the Democrats each have their own list of monied interests that dictate their party positions.

  • My life in Liberal Klans Oregon!!

    Arab/Muslim Americans are treated less than animals!

    We are being prosecuted in a daily basis! High tech lynching, institutionally racism! Especially for Arab women!!

    Oregon former late A.G. Dave Frohnmayer had my SS# blocked & prevented me from getting employed, made me homeless and jobeless!

    He was the one who started & initiated the fraud of taking over our homes!!

    His bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman hired Scarlet Lee/Barnhart Associated, forged my family’s signature, sold our fully paid Condo, without my signature!!

    Bob Ackerman had never responded to the Summon from the Court, and the sheriff never served him or arrested him either!!

    ThIs is what kind of criminal government we have in Oregon!!

    I ran five times for public offices! Voter Fraud & Sedition by Lane County government to protect & cover up for the two criminals Frohnmayer & Ackerman!!

    Oregon government is complicit with their crimes!!



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