Gas tax repeal petition begins

The Oregon initiative petition to repeal Oregon’s gas and auto tax increases has begun. Here is the website for the gas tax petition.

The people of Oregon are once again facing a dramatic increase in the price of gasoline due to a gas tax increase that is set to go into effect on January 1st, 2011. Given the current state of the Oregon economy, the slow job market, the ever rising costs of food and basic necessities required for everyday living, the “Campaign To End Highway Robbery” is gathering signatures to put the 25% gas tax increase to a vote of the people. Our belief is that given the chance, the voters of Oregon will decide to put a stop to the ongoing gas tax increases.Whether you consider yourself a Liberal, Conservative or Independent, the gas tax increase hurts all of us and is one more added expense for the hard working people of Oregon. Join us in pursuing the Initiative Petition process and putting the gas tax increase into the hands of the people, not the politicians.