Town hall on Tea-Party crasher tonight. Please attend.

From Americans for Prosperity,
Oregon Chapter

AFP Members are urged to join a “Stop The Hate” gathering at Conestoga Middle School in Beaverton tonight. The BSD Superintendent is holding a “Listening Meeting” and we intend to give him an earful!

Jason Levin, a teacher at the Beaverton School District’s Conestoga Middle School, has been the leader of an anti-Tea Party website known as “Crash the Tea Parties” – which Mr. Levin used school time and school equipment to maintain. Among other actions, Mr. Levin urge “progressives” to infilitrate Tea Parties, attempt to embarrass the movement as racist and homophobic and to steal Social Security numbers. While the website has been taken down in response to concerns from AFP and other Tea Party organizations, the request that Mr. Levin be required to take anger management therapy and apologize to those he sought to injure, among other reparative actions, has not been honored. Worse yet, Mr. Levin has been reinstated to the classroom after a perfunctory “investigation” by the School District and is once again in a position to spread his anti-Tea Party hate to impressionable young people. AFP stands with its Tea Party allies in demanding the Beaverton School District take action to insure that neither Mr. Levin nor other school district employees promote or condone hate speech against any group.

DATE: Tuesday, April 27, 2010
TIME: 6:00 pm
PLACE: Conestoga Middle School, 12250 SW Conestoga Drive, BEAVERTON
COST: Free
RSVP: and for further instructions.

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