Trump is dead wrong …and it hurts us all

trumptie2By Jason Williams
– Williams is a writer, speaker & founder of Taxpayer Association of Oregon

I’m cutting my Donald Trump tie today to do away with his garbage ideas.

The scandal-mouth parade of Trump is why our fiscal conservative vision of liberty & low taxes is being derailed.

Think about the conservative values you personally cherish (second amendment, tax cuts, cutting deficit, replacing Obamacare) and notice how they’ve been drowned out by Trump’s poisonous reality show. What is happening right now is what is going to continue to happen in the future as long as Trump keeps center stage. This spells doom for people who actually wish to restores rights, fix things and stop government overreach.

Trump’s idea of banning Muslim immigrants and building a religion database on Americans is dead wrong. It smacks of big brother and big government that quashes our personal privacy (which makes me appreciate Rand Paul’s message even more). It is Afghanistan and Iraqi Muslims who served as interpreters and informants alongside our soldiers at great risk to their own family who are trying to immigrate to America. It is the moderate Muslim scholars and bloggers around the world who come to America to escape death threats and to find a safe haven to keep broadcasting their reform message. Many of our greatest political allies have studied in America before becoming a leader of a Muslim nation (i.e. King Abdullah of Jordan).

If Obama or Hillary said the exact same insults that Trump casually delivers we would be outraged and find it downright unforgivable. Why the double standard for Trump? I ask again, why the double standard?

It is a conservative and family value for men to stand up when a woman is humiliated in public over her weight or looks. This is what I teach my young nieces. It is conservatives who stood by veterans when they were mistreated by everyday Americans when they returned home from Vietnam, so why let Trump publicly dishonor a Vietnam veteran because he was captured while serving his country? It is conservatives who historically have been recognized for caring for the disabled and so it becomes offensive to watch conservatives cheer Trump as he ridicules a disabled man in public. It is no surprise that Trump is also the candidate to most often personally attack other conservative candidates  in such a juvenile unnecessary way.

I think it is wrong to have a double standard.  I think Trump’s continuous embarrassments will ultimately hurt our cause of lowering taxes and fixing runaway spending.

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  • Eric Blair

    Better late than never, but none of this should have come as a surprise.

  • thevillageidiot

    It is conservatives who ensconced us in the war(s) in the middle east. It is conservatives who mouth the words tax cuts, cutting deficit, smaller government and stand by as taxes and spending are increased, the deficit ceiling increased (open checkbook to the current regime) without limit, increased war, meddling in other countries affairs. refuse to cut the entitlement programs. they vote lockstep with the liberals on increasing social welfare programs. they are in lockstep with the liberals on social justice. The only thing that seems to stand out is the 2nd amendment but they are not the sole supporters. many liberals are from districts where they depend on the support of the advocates for gun ownership rights. There is no courage, or ethics with the conservatives. the conservatives have villainized the teaparty libertarians as extreme radicals and managed to get some of them out of the house in the last election. Those same conservatives marginalized Ron Paul because he had a message that did not fit the party line. So what is so different between them and the liberals? the both are against Trump. the enemy of my enemy is my friend? stupid logic. We don’t need Don as president but then we don’t need the conservatives either.

    • SOL

      Its remarkable to me how outside reality conservatives such as yourself exist, you do realize that you live in a country where your ideas do not enjoy a majority support. You whine and complain that the right hasn’t eviscerated the social safety net, and cut taxes even more (while tax rates are still at historic lows), when none of those things were even remotely possible in a country where you barely control congress and do not have the presidency.

      Compromise has become a dirty word to conservatives, and when you cannot force your unpopular ideas down an unwilling populations throat, you turn like animals on your own party.

      • thevillageidiot

        The party of your wildest dreams will come true (see Mr Bill above) doesn’t work either. It is all theft by majority rule! Liberal, conservative, same same. At least Trump is entertaining.

  • Maximumus Prime

    If Trump is so radical…why is he so popular?
    I dare anyone to answer this question

    • Ron Glynn

      He is popular because he is different from the usual run of the mill politician. At the same time, he provides much needed entertainment to the normally boring crap the mainstream media churns out. People are cheering him as he plays smash mouth politics with media figures people love to hate. However, when he was launched on the national scene, the liftoff was spectacular, but I knew he would eventually burn up on reentry as people tire of the circus act of pissing off more and more people daily.

    • David from Mill City

      Trump is not that popular, according to the polls twice as many people support someone else. He is just more popular then any of the other candidates.

      What we are seeing is the down side of dark money, superPACs and the removal of limitations on contributions. There is so much money in this race, that even marginal candidates are able to stay in. Should they stay in though Super Tuesday, Trump will have the GOP nomination.

    • DavidAppell

      Sorry, Trump is not very popular. 35% of Republicans support him, and 28% of Americans lean Republican.

      That works out to a support of 10% of Americans.


  • Tpatriot

    Where is the outrage over Obama blocking Christians from migrating? The Muslim’s are focused on killing Americans, it seems reasonable to check out who the hell we are letting in to get all the freebies they demand.

    • DavidAppell

      Really? What’s the source for your claim?

  • Bob Clark

    I hear you Jason. I just don’t understand why the GOP can’t field a candidate using the Ronald Reagan playbook of charm, work ethic supportive, humility, and negotiating strength. Trump has the latter but lacks humility and inclusiveness.

    All this said, I will still vote for Trump against Crooked Queen Hillarious, as she is just more of the same of “Wasn’t-Me” President O. Now if it were Bill Clinton (circa 1994-2000) against Trump then I would vote Slick Willy. But the constitution should put a border around Trump’s harshness.

    • redbean

      Bob, I wonder if Reagan’s charm would work today. The culture itself lacks humility. Snark rules. Coarse is cool. Obama, Bush and Clinton have all made a mockery of the presidency and politics was a celebrity sideshow long before the Trumpnado blew onto the scene.

      Let’s also not forget that the main obstacle to Reagan’s election was the establishment GOP and they saddled him with progressives from the get-go, including his VP. They can’t field a candidate like Reagan because they don’t value the same things that he did.

    • DavidAppell

      Bob Clark wrote:
      “I just don’t understand why the GOP can’t field a candidate using the Ronald Reagan playbook of charm, work ethic supportive, humility, and negotiating strength.”

      Because most Republicans would never vote for Reagan today — that’s how far to the right the party has moved.

      That might be good — Reagan tripled the deficit.

  • MrBill

    There was cult movie from the 2000’s called Napoleon Dynamite. One of the characters was Napoleon’s friend Pedro. Pedro ends up running for class president in the movie. His campaign slogan was, “Vote for Pedro and your wildest dreams will come true.”

    The Donald does the same. He makes big promises, but has no idea of how he’s going to fulfill them. He only tells people that he’s going to hire smart people who will do smart things and we’ll all be very pleased with the results.

    Donald Trump is Pedro. Vote for him and your wildest dreams will come true (or so he says).

    • redbean

      One of my favorite movies. Pedro won because the regular kids were tired of the cool kids running the show and lording it over everyone. Pedro’s imperfect authenticity struck a chord just like DT. (Or maybe it was that goofy wig from the thrift shop – – also very DT!)

      • MrBill

        I guess I’d vote for him over Clinton, but suffice it to say it wouldn’t be because I’m a fan. And there would be some nose holding involved.

        • redbean

          The good thing about a Trump presidency is that Congress might finally be motivated to do their job, if only to keep Trump in line. Who knows, it may spell the end to the executive branch usurping Congress’ power to declare war, or being allowed to legislate through excessive executive orders.

          A win for Killary is not a defeat for the establishment GOP – they’re on the same uni-party team.

  • Kj Hinton

    HHhhhmmmmm…. only one, tiny, eensy, weensy detail besides the obvious (Nothing has been “derailed.”) item missing from this:

    The solution.

    There’s a bus load of people beating the hell out of Trump for pulling, allegedly, a Jimmy Carter who, it is said, banned Iranians at some point from immigrating during their feisty Shah-rioting days.

    No matter… the missing detail?


    Surely all of you so ready to slit Trump’s political throat have a wide variety of things to suggest that WILL work,… instead of merely whining about the solutions of others that might.


    As others have pointed out, damned little outrage is being aimed at the clueless moron in the White House today who is doing everything he can to insure that Christians in the region are slaughtered… by severely restricting to eliminating THEIR immigration. But there are a shortage of Christian terrorists killing people merely because they won’t become Christians themselves… so it doesn’t quite fit the meme.

    Whoever Jason is (And frankly, I’ve never heard of him) his opinion, as ignorant and misinformed as it is, is just his opinion… no better or worse than anyone else’s… save for the glaring weakness of a lack of a way to end these threats.

    And what was missing was HIS solution. In fact, what’s missing is ANY critic’s solution.

    And, initially at least, it appears to me that if you want to reduce the threat to us, one thing you MIGHT want to do is reduce the numbers of those who are the most eager to kill us because their religion tells them to do so…. they think.

    And *I* think… that you don’t think.

  • SOL

    Man you have a very different perception of conservatives than myself, to me they are nasty self interested mean spirited viscous and cruel, there’s a reason Trump is leading in your primary, and that reason is he best represents the kind of people you are.

    This has nothing to do with your silly desire to cut taxes in the face of record deficits and inequity, to stamp out democracy and replace it with the rule of the rich, the consistent drum beat of GROWTH which never seems to quite trickle down. Trumps policies are irrelevant, its his distillation of the raw anger of an aging white male party that sees its future slipping away that is the corner stone of his appeal.

    Trump isn’t subverting the conservative brand, he is that brand, you’ve played with the fire of bigotry, classicist rhetoric, and cruelty for too long, and now its going to burn conservatism to a cinder.

    • thevillageidiot

      no more so than the liberals. Read Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker.

    • redbean

      Trump is very vocal about wanting to RAISE taxes on the hedge fund crowd, and he’s feelin’ the love from disenfranchised Democrats. If you want the “rule of the rich” and the “fire of bigotry, classicist rhetoric, and cruelty,” then vote for Killary. Trump is not a “conservative” and doesn’t pretend to be. He’s a populist.

      BTW, that whole “angry white male” meme is nothing more than a leftist wet dream. Apparently you haven’t seen Diamond and Silk Stump for Trump.

  • Francis Pettygrove

    Jason, my friend, it’s you who are dead wrong.

    “our fiscal conservative vision of liberty & low taxes” was being derailed long before Trump. It’s been going off the rails since FDR. Lately, it’s been driven further off the rails at an ever increasing pace by “go along to get along” and corporatist Republicans.

    The “go along to get along” crowd lives in mortal fear of reading something unfavorable about themselves in the NYT or WAPO, or no longer getting invited to the ‘right’ cocktail parties. They let media lies and half-truths go unchallenged, or at best, offer equivocating, mealy mouthed replies. When you have so few Republican officeholders vigorously championing conservative values, and failing to attack with equal vigor those who attack us, opponents of conservatism gain ground.

    The corporatists led by the COC, don’t give a rat’s behind what happens to American workers, so long as they have access to cheap labor. Under their leadership, the Republican Party has become the parody of itself touted by Democrats. What do you think Reagan would think of the plans to triple the number of H1B visas when almost 100,000,000 Americans are not working?

    Let’s address your assertions re: Trump’s ‘poisonous reality show.”

    1. Banning Muslim immigrants

    You’re repeating a media talking point using only part of what Trump said. The full quote is “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

    In spite of the massive surveillance state and the TSA feeling up little children and old ladies at the airport, our government has repeatedly failed to stop terrorist attacks, even when there was substantial, even overwhelming, evidence that specific individuals were an imminent danger.

    Nidal Hasan, the Tsarnaev brothers, and the San Bernardino shooters all showed massive amounts of red flags, none of which was picked up or acted on by law enforcement. Hasan was promoted in spite of Jihadist rants and unfavorable psych evaluations. Russia warned us about the Tsarnaev brothers, and we ignored them. The San Bernardino shooters social media accounts were rife with Jihadism.

    Is it so unreasonable to pause immigration from areas know to support/harbor terrorists until we figure out how to separate the terrorists from the peace seeking immigrants who just want a better life?

    2. Building a religion database on Americans.

    It already exists. There are hundreds of companies ready to sell you the most intimate details of Americans lives. If I want a list of Portland Muslims who purchased bacon within the last month, I can get it. Don’t believe me? Call your local data broker.

    I have yet to hear anyone adequately explain to me what is wrong with tracking members of extremist groups known to have sponsored or inspired acts of terrorism. If there is a mosque preaching Jihad, or a church preaching the bombing of abortion clinics, or a temple preaching extermination of Muslims, our law enforcement agencies ought to know about it, and everyone who attends it.

    3. It is a conservative and family value for men to stand up when a woman is humiliated in public over her weight or looks

    No, it is not. It is just good manners. Trump’s comment was made privately, not in a public forum, and, to his credit, although he back peddled on the remark, he didn’t deny it. When you enter the public arena, you open yourself up to criticism, even unkind, unfair, personal criticism. Carly Fiorina is in the public arena. She’s also not a nice person. I know people who worked with Carly Fiorina at HP, and Trump’s comments don’t even come to close to their opinions of her. And Rosie O’Donnell? That vile harpy brings it on herself.

    4. It is conservatives who stood by veterans … so why let Trump publicly dishonor a Vietnam veteran because he was captured while serving his country

    No argument here, Trump’s comment on McCain was stupid and classless, especially coming from someone who got four medical deferments to avoid going to Vietnam.

    5. Trump ridiculed a disabled man in public

    I’ve seen the video. It looks like a caricature of someone explaining away an error with exaggerated hand gestures. If I didn’t know the reporter in question was handicapped, I wouldn’t have thought twice about Trump’s mockery. Trump did meet the reporter a few times in the late 1980s, but he meets hundreds of reporters, and there’s no reason to suppose this one somehow stuck in his mind close to thirty years later. I just don’t see it.

    6. Trump is also the candidate to most often personally attack other conservative candidates

    It’s called campaign politics, and he’s not doing it more, he’s just getting more press.

    7. I think Trump’s continuous embarrassments will ultimately hurt our cause of lowering taxes and fixing runaway spending

    “Trump’s continuous embarrassments” are lies, half-truths, and exaggerations manufactured by the media and his opponents to weaken his position as GOP front runner. Remember the media pile ons on Romney’s ‘embarrassments?’ McCain’s? Bush’s? Reagan’s? Ford’s? The hatchet jobs on Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle? Trump scares the media and the left shirtless, and they will do anything to try to weaken him. We play into their hands when we attack fellow Republicans instead of Democrats.

    The truth is that we’ve got a huge pack of mostly terrible candidates who would make lousy presidents. Trump stands out because he’s one of the least terrible on issues, and he does not parse his words to please the media or special interests. He says what many Americans are feeling in their gut. He talks about the issues they care about using rhetoric that resonates. Say what you want about his style, but he’s spent less than $250k on media so far, and received the most. Without Trump we would not be talking about immigration. Without Trump other candidates would not be standing up to reporters and calling them out on their loaded questions. Without Trump we wouldn’t have a fired up base.

    I see nothing poisonous about Donald Trump except the media’s continued failing attempts to manufacture outrage.

    • Granola girl

      Well said, thank you!

    • redbean

      Thanks for a terrific summary.

      The media intentionally focuses on the first part of Trump’s statement about immigration to divert from the truth of the second part – i.e., the utter failure of the federal government “to figure out what the hell is going on” for more than 20 years now.

      The only people who profit from open borders are human traffickers, drug traffickers, terrrorists and the politicians who protect them.

    • Eric Blair

      “You’re repeating a media talking point using only part of what Trump
      said. The full quote is “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims
      entering the United States until our country’s representatives can
      figure out what the hell is going on.”

      Which is even worse than what Jason said because it includes American citizens who happen to be out of the country. I’m not sure why you can’t see just how unconstitutional that approach would be. Perhaps you don’t believe that the Bill of Rights covers Muslims as well?

    • wnd

      Right and write on! Your summary is spot on! Thank you!

    • DavidAppell

      Trump did ridiculed a disabled man in public. That reporter says he and Trump were on a first-name basis. Trump knew he was, and he made those hand gestures because of it.

      There is no excuse for such juvenile behavior, which even my 11-year old nephew would not do.

  • Granola girl

    Liberals have become everything that they hate…intolerant. I for one, have no issue pausing the immigration wheel until we figure things out. It’s temporary…. By having this conversation we are forcing this issue to the top, and having discussions around it, instead of hiding in the corners to be PC.

  • wnd

    Suggest OC Editor provide copy here of William J. Bennett’s Bennett’s “What I See Happening In a Trump Presidency” and see to it that Jason Williams responds to the article.

    • Tony Bubbles in the Shrine

      Has OC chickened out in presenting William Bennett’s astute article here? If so, RINOschismry is alive and hell by disemboweling conservative thought in Oregon. “`Great bawls of fire sayeth queen wannabe Hillary, our underground tunnel is now linked with all that is left of US and now boarding Air Farce One on yet another dazzling trip out on vacation to Xmas in Hawaii.

  • DavidAppell

    Hear, hear.

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