Donald Trump and the OMG Chorus

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

I am not a Donald Trump fan. He doesn’t even finish in my top three candidates. (They are, in alphabetical order, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Marco Rubio). Still, I am fascinated by Mr. Trump’s unerring ability to tap into the angst of many Americans. Just as fascinating is the predictable “Oh My God” chorus from the politicians, pundits and press who have had a near monopoly on telling us what to think and what is best for us. They feel increasingly threatened not by Donald Trump but by the fact that their attempts to bury an outsider have failed miserably thus far. Their raison d’être is being gutted.

The saddest part of this is that we have accorded these political elites not just a position of influence but one of wisdom too. In real life we would be hard pressed to hire any of them to sex our chickens.

On December 2, 2015, two Islamic terrorists entered the Inland Regional Center and, without provocation, murdered fourteen people and injured twenty-two others. Before the dead bodies were cool, three things began to occur almost simultaneously. First, Republicans politicians and conservative commentators began a steady stream of criticism of President Barack Obama on everything from his failure to engage decisively the current and primary Islamic terrorist group, the Islamic State to his decision to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees. This was the political class on the Right. They reiterated that on an international basis Mr. Obama is not trusted by our friends and not feared by our enemies. In doing so, while they scored political points, they missed the very essence of the issue as it effects normal citizens.

Second, Democrats, led by Mr. Obama and amplified by the mainstream media, immediately seized upon the incident as another example of gun violence. They waited strangely mute in hopes that they could claim that this was workplace violence and to once again avoid acknowledgement of yet another Islamic terrorist attack on United States soil. This was the political class on the Left. Even as information became available that the killers were Muslims who had embraced the jihadist movement and committed themselves as adherents to the Islamic State, Mr. Obama chose to focus on gun control as if it would thwart future Islamic terrorists’ attacks on our homeland. In doing so, while they scored political points, they missed the very essence of the issue as it effects normal citizens.

And finally, in short course, police and federal agents were able to discover the names of the killers, their international travel to and from the hot spots of Islamic terrorists, how they acquired their weapons and from whom, the state of their arsenal including the number of rounds of ammunition and pipe bombs, how they financed their activities, the approximate time of their “radicalization”, their communications with other recognized Islamic terrorists and supporters, and their manipulation of the visa system to allow expedited entry into the United States by one of the killers. In doing so, the law enforcement officials were not trying to make a point, but, in fact, made the only relevant point, i.e. if we were able to discover all of this information in such short order after the terrorist attack, why didn’t we know any of it before the attack? Why didn’t all the vaunted “safeguards against terrorism” designed to detect prospectively the very things they found retrospectively work? Why weren’t these terrorists stopped months ago?

You see, people are afraid. No, they are not afraid of the Islamic State. They recognize that the finest military in the world could destroy the Islamic State in no more than sixty days if there was leadership in Washington. But they are afraid that a government whose first duty is to protect its citizens is distracted from that mission by political bickering and lack of decisive leadership. They are afraid that political correctness is a greater priority than national security. And they know they are vulnerable.

They know that the leadership in Washington is concentrating its anti-terrorism efforts on air traffic and our political and financial centers in New York and Washington, D.C. –yesterday’s targets – and yet they have seen one terrorist attack after another in Little Rock (AR), Boston (MA), Fort Hood (TX), Garland (TX), Merced (CA), and San Bernardino (CA) where nothing strategic is at risk. And they know they are vulnerable.

They know that despite over a decade of political rhetoric, America’s borders are as porous as ever and that in addition to illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, that thousands of people from Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Middle East, including any number of jihadists, now use those same corridors in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to enter and slip away undetected into our populations centers. Nothing gets done except more talk and more finger pointing. And they know they are vulnerable.

They know that our system for accepting refugees into America is essentially flawed and worse yet they know that the Islamic terrorists know it and exploit it. They know that while there may be adequate procedures on paper, that in practice the people charged with enforcing them are overwhelmed by sheer numbers and underwhelmed by Administration politics that place a higher priority on meeting number targets for refugees than meeting safety and security standards. And just this week they have learned that the State Department under this Administration has banned asking refugees critical questions about communications with jihadist websites and terrorist organizations through social media or even the refugees’ own postings on social media. They know that a process that Mr. Obama has described as being so thorough that it can take two years of examination permitted one of the killers to enter almost overnight. And they know they are vulnerable.

They know that Mr. Obama has lied repeatedly about the status of the battle with the Islamic terrorist. All the way from “al Qaeda is decimated and on the run” to “ISIS is contained.” They know that he banned the military from attacking the oil transport trucks that delivered tens of millions of dollars to the Islamic State coffers for fear of injuring the drivers. That he banned the military from attacking the oil fields and refineries that contributed to those tens of millions of dollars for fear of environmental pollution. That he banned the military from destroying the Islamic State headquarters in Raqqa, Syria for fear of injuring any prisoners that might be held there. They know that Mr. Obama relaxed some of these prohibitions when the French and English joined in the bombing program in Iraq and Syria for fear of being embarrassed. And as a result they know they are vulnerable.

And they know that this Administration and a majority in Congress (Republicans and Democrats alike) are more concerned about offending some groups of people than they are in the efficient administration of national security.

And into this reality drops Donald J. Trump and announces on December 6 that he is calling for:

” . . . total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

And while the Oh My God chorus focused on the patently absurd banning of all Muslims, they ignored the point of concern to most Americans – “until our country’s representative can figure out what the hell is going on.” Because, as it stands now, our country’s representatives – from Mr. Obama to the do-nothing Congress – either don’t know or don’t care “what the hell is going on.” That is why people are afraid, why they feel vulnerable.

We entered an era some years ago in which our representatives have sought power not to fix things that are wrong but rather to use that power to preserve their power. They don’t fix anything. Not a soul crushing welfare system, nor a depleted military, nor an aging transportation system, nor a nearly bankrupt Social Security program, nor a burgeoning national debt, nor a tax code that remains undecipherable for most, nor a secure border, nor a corrupted immigration system, nor a financial regulatory system that encourages mergers instead of growth, nor anything else of substance that improves the commonweal.

So, as Mr. Trump continues to pick scabs off the open, running sores of our political class, the outrage of the political class grows – and so does Mr. Trump’s popularity. You see, while many of Mr. Trump’s proposals cannot realistically be enacted, simply by recognizing the concern of most Americans about the underlying problem, he has given them hope that he will, in fact, find a solution. Mr. Trump treats these problems in the same way a successful business person does – define the essence and priority of the problem and move swiftly towards a workable solution – not a ideological solution, not a politically correct solution, not a politically safe solution, but a practical solution. Mr. Trump, as a businessman, has a history of bold statements – almost always over-the-the-top statements – followed by a more moderate implementation achieving the initial goal. He sets a goal and relies upon the expertise of others for implementation.

If the political class and the Oh My God chorus want to shut Mr. Trump up, then do something other than criticize. Fix something – anything. As the old sayings go:

“If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”


“Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.”



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  • Bob Clark

    The Donald has really made this presidential election like no other in the last twenty plus years. If the Donald starts accentuating positives, he could be our next president. I think he would be good, as his divisive stances right now will probably soften. Beyond this, although sort of a carnival barker, the Donald has actually managed to build things and set up management of businesses. He would could probably actually get things built (as opposed to Prez Obummer who spent a trillion dollars in stimulus with not much of anything to show for it…even joking “I guess those projects weren’t so shovel ready.”

  • Granola girl

    I would love to see the Donald/Cruz ticket. I think between the two of them, we could be a great nation again. I’m glad The Donald is bringing our problems as a nation to a head. Now, maybe, something will be done.

    • myke

      Really! Even you, Granola Girl? Well, you don’t have to like everything he says, or how he says it, but at least you know where he stands… And you can’t say that about the rest of the candidates.

      • Granola girl

        Absolutely Myke. I am tired of the career politicians. Our Constitution was never meant to encourage that! The Donald says what a large majority of us are thinking.

  • Dave Francis

    We must stop Congress yielding in to
    pro-mass immigration pressure at the last minute! But as with the clash
    of politics in a do-nothing Congress, it is just another bill waiting that must
    be restrained in the name of THE PEOPLE.
    Currently, there is a five day place-holder bill which allows Congress
    to continue discussion on the long-term federal funding bill. Now, more than
    ever, we need you to urge your lawmakers to reject an expanded refugee program
    and the new exemptions to H-2B visa restrictions. Speaker
    Ryan defiantly and dangerously continues to work to get funding into the budget
    for the menace to our constitutional liberty by King Obama’s Muslim refugee
    resettlement program. And many in the establishment movement are assumed in the
    House appear ready to go along with him, even when the expense is yet another
    free entitlement benefit for the taxpayers.

    The Syrian Refugees would be
    better off under the protection in their
    own country, with the NATO or other military stand-ins, until ISIS is decimated
    and they can return to their own roots. Monetary assistance from the United
    States to equip the people with survival needs, would be far safer for the
    American society and mass saving in welfare, yet alone flying them here or
    passenger ship tickets. All their needs can be met, in the way of safety, food,
    shelter and reletive safety from human monsters.

    We need to go back to the founding fathers principles. After seven arduous
    years of liberal irresponsibility and our sharp national refusal, that we both
    know is America needs moral leadership. Citizens and legal immigrants have already
    experienced nearly two full terms under a president who doesn’t think America
    is great, extraordinary, or even worth protecting. A president whose every inclination
    is to grow government and gouge the taxpayers. A man who goes easy on ISIS but
    battles any inkling of stopping illegal alien invasion, and at this time halted
    by the courts and possibly all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Just as always the pledge to enforce our immigration laws fall on
    deaf eyes. The GOP elitists will win the
    day and choke off more jobs from citizens and also legal residents who came to this country,
    to be part of the dream. The clever piggy back rule may sneak into the funding
    for the H2B visas and more money for the Refugees. The lies are never ending
    from both political parties, whether it was the terrible amnesty or just extra
    spending for people who have shunned our laws and arrived here. There seems no
    ending to it as both political parties are guilty of stealing jobs from the
    American worker.

    If these two demands are slipped into the spending bill, there is
    the potential for displacing up to 200,000 American workers and escalating the
    country’s exposure to terrorist attacks. This bill presents a great occasion
    for us to confirm that our immigration and refugee policies must be in line
    with security and national interests. Compared to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
    is following the same Progressive Liberal Agenda as Borack Obama and that
    extends to open borders and slip-shod enforcement. The Ex secretary of state
    Clinton sees nothing wrong with a mass immigration reform or its real
    name–amnesty. Obama has turned our immigration policies upside down, by
    restraining the hands of the Border Patrol and internal agent of ICE.

    The cost in safeguarding our borders is immense, but the ongoing
    flow into our sovereign country has far more immensity in funds and
    implications from the state and federal treasuries. Those foreign nationals managing
    to slip across the border or act out the charade as a tourist, businessman
    individual or other classifications who step from a plane, lie to the agent and
    then vanish after their visa expires. Everybody should be aware by now that
    pregnant females intentionally flee into our country, as having those babies is
    free–but not for the citizen or lawful residents– they have to pay? Illegal
    aliens not only steal our jobs, thanks to the untrustworthy business owner, but
    the women collect a goodly amount of cash and benefits. I am sure a larger
    proportion of Americans keep up with the residual press not interdicted by the
    Liberal zealot media; know that the birthright citizenship law gives automatic
    rights that approves the Mother who gets to stay.

    This is an intentional performance, but under this regime nothing
    seems to be illegal other than possessing a gun for protection. We are in a war
    that is growing and yet the Obama administration seems very lax. Even though
    our country is under a threat, the political management still has approved to
    bring into the country refugees from Syria who we have no personal knowledge.
    We have already been told that there is intelligence data that the (ISIS) ISIL
    has slithered their murderous operatives into the impoverished person in exile.

    This is the difference between Donald Trump and the rest of the
    team. The man at the top may be belligerent
    annoying to party members, but his verbal eruption is because those in power
    are ignoring the dangerous circumstances for the country. Just today I learned
    that the FBI has located top secret
    documents that were on Hillary Clintons server, and still to this day–TOP
    SECRET. Now we shall see if the Department of Justice follows the law, or
    everything is tied up neatly by Loretta Lynch and filed away instead of
    inditing the ex Secretary of State who walks away free. Trumpe isn’t carrying
    the dark image that Hillary Clinton is accused of . Most up on the stage cannot
    make it through the quagmire of lengthy policies to be elected as the new
    President. Why this process couldn’t be shrunk into a five month period, while
    dragging for longer than a year makes no sense. Each of these candidates must
    run around collecting money, to feed the corporate newspapers or TV channels
    ads and all the rigmarole that drags out in its destination–The White House..

    The presidency should not be about large campaign coffers of cash?
    There is Jeb Bush who has a terrible record, except for writing laws for big
    business and collecting over a hundred million dollars to ride the airways,
    claiming what he will do for the people as President, when really he his
    coupled with wealthiest in the country. His promises are meaningless. Yesterday they will be up on the National
    stage making statements of what they have already done for the country, for the
    American workers. But we must look through their disguises as all they are
    offering is just a bunch of meaningless words. There real allegiance is to
    their corporate benefactors, their industrial proprietor who pay their way to
    Washington. But the majority of Senators and Representatives are debtors to the
    wealthy people that own them lock, stock, and barrel?

    IN WASHINGTON — Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee earned millions more from
    investments than he previously disclosed, according to documents his office
    filed last Friday. An ethics watchdog group asked for an investigation last
    month into whether Corker had access to inside information when he profited
    from stock trades involving a Chattanooga real estate company. Corker, the
    former mayor of Chattanooga, denied the allegation. We just cannot deny that in
    both parties their is continuous corruption which involves our politicians.
    Trump needs nobodies money in these events, and that is why his anti-establishment
    policies emanates loudly to the People?

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