2015 political cartoons! (support 2016 with your tax credit)

Below are cartoons made famous by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.  Please support our vital comedic efforts in 2016 by using your 2016 Political Tax Credit or 2016  Charitable deduction.   How classic is our Kitzhaber cartoon below!



This cartoon draft below featured Kitzhaber’s scandalous hidden gas tax (low-carbon scheme), but before we could finish it his scandal exploded putting this cartoon on hold.



Not knowing who would be governor we replaced Kitzhaber in the tractor  to the capitol



The new Governor, Kate Brown, had her own dumb ideas worth cartooning.



The hidden gas tax was so tragic it deserved a second cartoon.




In 2015 the liberals tried to hide tax increases inside tax cuts…..


They tried to steal your Kicker. Taxpayers won!



The timber tax idea was insane…



Did we make you laugh?

If yes, please support our vital comedic efforts in 2016 by using your 2016 Political Tax Credit or 2016  Charitable deduction.

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  • Bob Clark

    You ever think about the term renewable? Even fossil fuels are renewable. It’s just a matter of time. Leaves turn to mush get buried and eventually turn to oil and natural gas, and not just leaves but all kinds of organic material. Even Al Gore may become someday a fossil fuel deposit of some sort, maybe accentuated by his aptitude for selling snake oil to many in the modern world.

    The metals that go into solar panels and electric batteries are not so renewable, as they are not organic absorbing energy from the sun.

    • Bob Clark

      the operative term is “not organic.”

  • CherryAnn1000

    Great cartoons! I especially like the first one on old Kitz. Glad that sad excuse for a gov is gone. Unfortunately, KB is just more of the same. Republicans and Independents, please, get us a viable candidate we conservatives can vote for and let’s end the 30 year Dim lunacy!

    • Wake Up Snoozy, Wake Up

      Dems that made a silk PERS out of crocodile tiers in the mid 90’s are to blame.
      Remember the warning imparts by honorable legislator Bob Tiernan who was shot down by Dem community organizer batteries still guarding in ‘palace’ today?

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