Sen. Betsy Johnson’s bill to hold state agencies accountable

Sen. Betsy Johnson

Sen. Betsy Johnson

by NW Spotlight

Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week is reporting that Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) is introducing a bill in the upcoming Oregon legislative ‘short session’ to create a Legislative Committee on Accountability. The bill is SB 1577 (LC-0052), and would give the new committee subpoena powers to investigate state agencies.

The new committee is described: “This committee would be comprised of equal numbers of Democratic and Republican legislators. It would conduct performance and management audits of state agencies, state programs and state-funded programs.”

Sen. Johnson calls out the failures of Cover Oregon, the DHS Give Us This Day foster care abuse and the Department of Energy’s alleged price-fixing of business energy tax credits. She notes “it wasn’t state officials doing their jobs who exposed what was happening” in these scandals, it was local media. She asks “Where was government accountability in all of this?”

Sen. Johnson’s announcement concludes “Oregon leaders like to cite the state’s national reputation for lack of corruption. It’s easy to have a reputation for little corruption when you rarely investigate alleged wrongdoing and have nothing to prosecute. Our clean reputation is built on smiles and a deliberate unwillingness to look below the surface. We pretend corruption doesn’t exist, and then declare ourselves a national model for the rest of the country.”

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  • Connie Kosuda

    God bless her!!!! Kudos to Sen. Johnson!!!!!!

    • Roger Enout

      Betsy Johnson for primary governor, pleas – and, stay Kate Brown aback in the tabloids to crow for handouts from her pubic deployed crony ministers outlandish in a corrupted Oregon lard cache of PERSy D’ohnations

  • Dan Meek

    Who says Oregon has a “national reputation for lack of corruption”? See

    • Roger Enout

      I’d trust the keys to Mahonia Hall as better in the hands of Betsy Johnson than any other Democrat since the Goldschmidt bizarre era.

  • Jack Lord God

    Johnson has it right – We recently scored least corrupt government in the entire country, a few months later the Kitzhaber scandal broke. That scandal was hardly some complicated web of intrigue hidden deep in the bowels of the ship. It was fairly plain as day for anyone who cared to look at it. The fact that nobody in government raised an eyebrow and it took a lesser known paper (Willamette Week) to really pound on the story to get any traction speaks volumes. Is this committee the answer? Such things rarely are. However it is better than absolutely nothing, which is what we have now.

  • HBguy

    You don’t get equal representation until you win equal seats in the Legislature.
    Or, find a candidate to win the Secretary of State position. (the GOP may have it this year in Richardson. The only thing stopping his election IMO is the GOP brand.)

  • Roger Enout

    In the May Day primary, Dems can and should write in a mandate for Betsy Johnson.
    Obviously, she’s no moron of the same auld ding since Goldschmidt and then sum.

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