Weekly Talk Radio Best 1/5/07

Below we have excerpts from the best of the week’s talk radio’s comments. Click the headline to go the actual story.

Lars Larson — Ban people from rural areas?
Victoria Taft –Can Bush get a little help here?
Rob Kremer — Understanding the Oregon Leadership Summit
Jayne Carroll — New Year, New Worries as Liberals Rule All

Lars Larson KXL
Ban people from rural areas?


Yesterday, I got the chance to talk to a nice lady from Turner, Oregon. She lives in the country because she has horses and she has an opinion about Ballot Measure 37. She thinks Measure 37 is a horrible thing and she thinks it should either be gutted or seriously rewritten. Why? Because Measure 37 would allow a lot of her neighbors, in Turner, do with their property what they are allowed to do. Now, of course, that’s the kind of thing I’d like to see done. But, this lady thinks it’s best to have government decide how you can live on your land and what you can do with your land. In fact, she thinks, and she said this in a letter to the editor to the Statesman Journal, she believes that you should only be allowed to live outside of the city in the country if you’re growing crops or raising livestock. Of course, she includes herself in that category, even though the livestock she’s raising are not necessary at all. They are just horses for pleasure. But, she’s got hers and she’s not interested in whether you get yours.

Victoria Taft – KPAM
Can Bush get a little help here?

Jan 3, 07

President Bush asks for help from the democrats in the Congress to get some things done such as saving the world. Apparently the d’s are considering withholding money for the war etc (ala Vietnam—see, self fulfilling prophecy! Where’s that last helicopter when you need it?)”¦But already the d’s have proclaimed that if they’re going to get anything done they won’t let any alternative bills be presented. Isn’t this the same complaint they had about the R’s at some point?

Rob Kremer KXL
Understanding the Oregon Leadership Summit

Oregon Leadership Summit: Every year, Oregon’s pretend business groups (there are three: Oregon Business Council, Oregon Business Alliance, and the Portland Business Association) put on the Oregon Business Summit, where they create a bunch of plans for government programs and call it the “Oregon Business Plan.” Only in Oregon would the business establishment actually go along with this stuff. This year the Summit has on its agenda: 1) More money for K-12; 2) Universal health care; 3) How to “fix” Measure 37, and 4) sustainability. That’s it. All of it is public sector stuff, sold under the guise of a business plan, and validated by the collaborators – the Portland business establishment.

Jayne Carroll KUIK
New Year, New Worries as Liberals Rule All


Democrats appear eager to confiscate the corporate kicker as soon as possible, and the personal kicker has always been a thorn in the side of those who are horrified by even the mere thought of returning dollars to taxpayers. Socialized medicine is high on their agenda. Expansion of the Oregon health plan will not only cost us more, it is a giant step toward “Hillarycare,” a national government usurpation of American medical care. You can anticipate a major effort to undermine Oregon’s historic property rights measure, No. 37. The Second Amendment, or the right to bear arms, will be under reinvigorated left wing assault on a state and national level. Teacher union bosses have bought themselves a governor and a legislature; you can anticipate “payback” in the form of massive increases for salaries and pensions under the guise of it is “all for the children.”