iTerrorist: Apple refuses to help FBI on San Bernardino terrorist case


by Lars Larson

This news about Apple makes me want to go home and break my iPad with a hammer.

The government wants to get into Muslim terrorist killer Syed Farook’s iPhone and has a court order to do it. But encryption keeps investigators out of the device and now Apple refuses to help.

CEO Tim Cook claims there’s no digital backdoor to such devices and Apple refuses to build one, even for times when there’s a constitutional and legal right to get in.

I value my Constitutional rights. But I also understand that the Constitution has a backdoor built into it by the geniuses who wrote it: “no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause”. The 4th Amendment says that when the government can show cause, your right to keep investigators out of your documents ends.

This time the request to Apple involves a terrorist attack that’s already over…fourteen victims dead and there’s time for a court fight and a public debate.

But the next time it could be information on an Apple device that tells us about a pending attack…literally a ticking time bomb somewhere. When that happens, there won’t be time to engineer that door that Cook refuses to build.

It appears that belonging to the Cult of Apple includes putting safety, lives and national security second to a private company’s concern about privacy. Someday, Tim Cook may have a lot of blood to wash off his hands.

I wonder if there’s an App for that?

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