Cartoon: Harmful anti-Coal, Cap-Trade bills

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

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The Oregon Legislature has decided to use the short session to ramrod monumental environmental mandates which will likely impact every single business and home in Oregon.   One bill is SB 1574 which deals with the heavy handed Cap-and-Trade system.  This is often considered a hidden sales tax on energy. California already has a cap and Trade program and it cost businesses $1 billion in carbon penalties.

The other bill is HB 4036A which blocks Oregonians from choosing their own electricity if it comes from coal.  This bill has made headlines because Governor Kate Brown tried to censor Oregon’s Public Utility Commissioners from being involved in the bill.   The Public Utility Commissioners complained that the bill would come at a high cost.  They also said the bill (in its original form) would do nothing to help reduce greenhouse gases.

California which has anti-coal mandates and a Cap-and-Trade system is already a nationwide example of how regulation overkill hurts the poor and middle class.  These rules have contributed to California’s gas being $1.14 higher than national rates and electricity rates being four times higher.

You can follow Senate Bill 1574 here.

You can follow House Bill 4036 here

The bills are being debated and changed quickly during the Session.

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  • Bob Clark

    It is a shame we preclude ourselves from allowing new processes like fuel cells which might be capable one day of mechanical/chemically unleashing the energy contained in coal with much higher rates of pollutant capture.

    I think driving up the cost of electricity may likely result in more wood burning which too much of can be rather nasty to local air sheds. But the “green” carpet bagging profiteers are big Democrat party donors, and so this corrupt mix is more interested in taking economic rent from every day Oregon families, conned by a public school brainwashing and other such banter. Not even the loss of nearly $1 billion in Business Energy Tax Credits and Kitzhaber resignation seem to unhinge this foul mix of corrupt politics.

    • thevillageidiot

      fuel cell are not precluded. There are a few such companies here in Oregon. one was funded by BPA but the last I looked it was spun off or the engineers left to form their own. they made fuel cells for remote sites. one technology was splitting off the hydrogen from natural gas through a hot “membrane” for lack of a better term. I interviewed there twenty years ago. The technology is expensive. splitting hydrogen and oxygen can’t get more out then you put in. Can’t say it cannot be done cost effectively but with out equivalent money losing subsidies similar to wind and photoelectric research will continue to be limited. without subsidies wind would be struggling and photoelectric would not exist at all. The plant here in Salem has all but shut down. and I think they only make batteries. With out massive government subsidies Tesla would have gone bankrupt. and who can afford one?
      one of the best ways to kill the middle class and create more poor and unemployed increase taxes, make basic necessities much more expensive (heat and light) and then take more in more taxes to subsidize the newly created poor poor so they can afford to heat their house. I can see in the very near future where natural gas will come under severe attack. currently the cheapest way to heat the house, heat your water, dry your clothes, cook you food is by natural gas. currently no other source is cheaper. on an equal payment program my gas bill is 38/month. my monthly electrical equal payment is running about 70/ mo and look forward to paying more next year. Did you know nearly all the wind farms in eastern Oregon produce power for only California?

    • DavidAppell

      Bob Clark: Fuel cells are not “precluded.”

      Until fossil fuels start paying for all the damage done by their pollution (> $120 B/yr in the US), alternatives will continue to look expensive.

      But people like Bob like polluting for free. He think — ha ha — that it saves him money.

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