PCP Deadline today: Choosing Oregon party delegates to elect president!

WatchdogDeadline today: Choosing Oregon party delegates to elect president by becoming a precinct person
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

For the first time in generations both the Democrat and Republican Primaries may turn into a contested convention this summer. If the front runner does not have enough votes, the second vote at the convention allows delegates to vote for whomever they wish — absolute chaos!

YOU could be an Oregon delegate who gets to choose your party’s president in this monumental time of unpredictability. Or you can choose who those Oregon delegates are.   You must first file to become a neighborhood precinct person for your party. That deadline is today! Nearly 90% of people who file to become precinct persons are chosen because there are never enough people to fill the positions.

Once a precinct person, you can file to run as an Oregon delegate or you can vote for which Oregonians should be an Oregon delegate. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC encourages precinct persons to elect only Oregon delegates who are for lower taxes, free enterprise and protecting freedom. This is why you need to run.   As a bonus, you will also get to vote for the delegates who also will vote for the state chair of your political party.

With contested conventions in sight, we must not let our political party nominees be chosen by strangers.  If you are a Democrat or Republican PLEASE file today as a local precinct person by filing out the form and turning it into your local County Election office before close of business day today!  Some County Election Offices allow you to email the form.

Questions call 503-603-9009