Property Rights pioneer, Bill Moshofsky passes

bill-moshofskyBy Dave Hunnicutt,
Oregonians In Action

Sad news today at OIA – Bill Moshofsky, one of OIA’s co-founders, passed away this morning at his home. He was 92.

Many of you knew Bill from his years at OIA, or from his years at Georgia Pacific. A true gentleman, Bill helped thousands of Oregonians during his professional career and during his time as a full-time volunteer for OIA. He loved politics, and was never shy about sharing his political opinions. But even when Bill was talking with someone who completely disagreed with him on politics, they’d still come out friends. In the 20 years that Bill and I worked together, I don’t think he ever made an enemy. He was just a guy you couldn’t help but like.

For me, Bill was a mentor and a friend. I often referred to him as the “senior partner” at OIA. Bill taught me a lot about the law, about building relationships with people of all political beliefs, and that, in the end, most people are trying to do what they think is right, even if we thought they were completely misguided. In today’s world, where our politics have become so polarized and where we too often demonize those that we disagree with, Bill’s example is more important than ever.

Most of all, Bill was someone that I could count on to listen, guide, and help as we worked our way through the many issues that we navigate at OIA. Bill had to stop volunteering for us about two years ago due to health issues – I’ve missed him tremendously since he’s been gone. What a great guy – losing him is tough.

Dave Hunnicutt
Oregonians In Action