Lars Larson: Running business out of Oregon

We can’t just keep running businesses out of this state.

I had the chance recently to talk with Nathan Roads. He’s a bright young guy who grew up in Lincoln County and dreamed of making a business in Oregon. He started his business, Next Generation Arms, in a garage and built it to employ five people. Their salaries range from $25,000 to $60,000 a year.

Next Generation Arms makes one of the best rifle platforms in America. Good news? No, that’s the sad part. As of last weekend it is no longer an Oregon company. He moved it to Idaho.

Roads explains the state finally beat him down with too many taxes and regulations. Now he’s taking those five family wage jobs and his fast growing company hundreds of miles from the state where he grew up to a place that is business friendly.

Meantime, the only jobs growing in Oregon are government jobs. And, government workers will be happy to tell you, every day of the year, that you or I don’t pay them nearly enough.

Anybody who can, please tell me that’s the way this state should be run.

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