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Partisan Trial Lawyers PAC Has Contributed $60K Since End Of February Session

Salem, OR – Incumbent House Democrats and Democrats seeking election to the Oregon House have received $60,000 in campaign contributions from the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association PAC since the end of the 2016 legislative session.

House Democrats and candidates receiving the most money include:

  • Janeen Sollman, candidate, House District 30 ($10,000)
  • Janelle Bynum, candidate, House District 51 ($9,000)
  • Mark Meek, candidate, House District 40 ($5,000)
  • Speaker Tina Kotek ($5,000)
  • Representative Dan Rayfield ($4,500)
  • Representative Paul Holvey ($3,500)
  • Paul Carlos Southwick, candidate, House District 37 ($2,500)
  • Mark Reynolds, candidate, House District 52 ($2,500)

The contributions come after the House Democrats, on a 31-29 vote that saw several Democrats join Republicans in voting ‘no,’ passed legislation tripling the amount of money trial lawyers could bill for their work on civil injury lawsuits.

The bill, a top priority for the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, eventually died in the Senate. Not a single Senate Democrat has received money from the Oregon Trial Lawyers PAC since the conclusion of the February session, nor has any House Democrat that voted ‘no’ on bill.

Several other House Democrats and candidates also received sizable contributions prior to the start of the February Session, including:

  • Teresa Alonso Leon, candidate, House District 22 ($10,000)
  • Sheri Malstrom, candidate, House District 27 ($5,000)
  • Representative Paul Evans ($4,000)

Trial Lawyers have found the Oregon House to be friendly territory in recent years, as Democrats ushered through several controversial bills including HB 4136, tripling the cap on civil injury lawsuits; HB 2700, which made retroactive adjustments to class action lawsuit rules; and SB 411, which altered insurance coverage caps, likely resulting in increased premiums for Oregonians.

The partisan political organization is expected to spend heavily on legislative races in 2016. In 2014, the Oregon Trial Lawyers PAC donated more than $350,000 in direct and in-kind contributions to Democratic candidates.

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  • Bob Clark

    The state governance is rather hopelessly dominated by the Democrat party, which is advantaged by getting access to public employee union monies and almost as importantly an organized political body;the latter able to send out members to choral others into following in line with the Party and union dictates.

    The GOP has no such funding source or organizational foundation. So, as a result, we all sit waiting around for the inevitable backlash when the machine over reaches, and leaves most folks economically and/or emotionally struggling from the weight of government domination.

    • Connie Kosuda

      what? try posting how much money the Koch boyz have funneled into repubs.

      • Conservatively Speaking

        Soros ewe stated that! Meanwhile, Oregon is PAC’d so full of PERS d’oh, there’s no end sight until the sh*t of state finally keels over bankrupt kaput!

        • Connie Kosuda

          tell it to the Kochs.

          • Conservatively Speaking

            I’m no organ grinder for slop-sighted governmentium, noir your hood should be.

            That slated, you’re free to monkey Frisbee outside the box – and, with any lap dancing acumen, your resume may result in more ‘talents’ en purse – that is, if you have any Yen forage much.

          • Connie Kosuda

            u got a very ltd. repertoire, me lad.

          • Conservatively Speaking

            Too bad so sad you’re no Nini Kuramoto-Graham, et al, doll!

          • thevillageidiot

            obviously their money has little or no impact. otherwise we would have a majority Rep. legislature dong much the same as the dems.

          • Write on

            Props and kudos. tvi.

      • MrBill

        Here’s a list you ought to look at. It’s a ranking of top donors to political causes/candidates. Eight of the top ten are all left leaning groups. Koch Industries are on the list, but they only rank 48th. The Koch’s donate a lot, but they’re far outpaced by SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, and other unions.


        • Write on

          Thanks for the delivery, Mr. Bill.

  • HBguy

    Oregon is one of six states with no contribution limits. Both Democrats and Republicans like that. Both voted to kill bills that would start the process is of talking about reasonable limits.
    In the Campaign Finance Reform Task Force, the representatives of both parties voted against all proposals. Over 75% of all voters support some limits on contributions but those that make and receive contributions oppose any limits.
    This isn’t a partisan issue.

    • Tobias Dahler

      OEA and SEIU, et al, would love kick Loren Parks off their tableau and set a place for George Soros’ purse full of muny huny.

  • Gilamarth Neithan

    Any Pac will have more than a single issue to push forward with though I would like to see contribution limits myself and even the playing field a bit.

    On the issue of lawsuit caps, I happen to be for the caps themselves, but as the nature of our economy money loses value and Cost of Living goes up. Needed medical care costs more for those injured, bills and costs go up for the attorneys and courts alike, etc. The cap does need to go up occasionally, but on a realistic basis based on actual factual documentation, a study or two, etc. Something more than simply voting for a PAC that tells ya to just trust em.

    I recognize a couple of the names on the list and those I can be confident in that by accepting the contribution does not equal a paid vote on any particular issue. It only brings up the issue for the Rep/Senator to consider and look into.

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