Oregon Poll: Trump takes lead

polldataBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

The Hoffman Group & Oregon Family Council released a new poll of 550+ Oregon voters this week showing strong backing for Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Question: The Republican Primary Election for President of the United States were held today, would you vote for John Kasich, Ted Cruz, or Donald Trump?

Donald Trump – 43%
Ted Cruz – 26%
John Kasich – 17%
Undecided – 13%

On image…

John Kasich –34% Favorable (25% unfav)
Ted Cruz – 42% Favorable (37% unfav)
Donald Trump 49% favorable (40% unfav)

Read more on the poll here.

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  • Bob Clark

    Mr. T may not have experience but this is better than the bad experiences stemming from Crooked Queen Hillarious. Russian reset, Arab chaos, Benghazi, stealing White House china when headed out of her Whitehouse tenure, her continual disparaging her the secret service folks providing for her safety, and just to name a few.

    • DavidAppell

      Trump not only has no experience, he has no knowledge of economics, foreign affairs, health care, or much of anything at all.

      You will be voting for a authoritarian buffoon. How far the GOP has fallen….

      • Smells very fishy

        Abuts Appell and Blair don’t mind Shrillary’s flatulence airing off a POTUS throne?

      • MrBill

        Authoritarian buffoon? Given Trump’s past support for liberal causes and candidates, I would have thought you’d be rather fond of him.

        • DavidAppell

          Trump simply isn’t much of a thinker. He reacts to everything emotionally.

          We don’t need a 16-yr old boy in the White House.

          • MrBill

            This is one of those rare instances where I have to agree with you.

          • Webelos ghost thou

            To wit you’re implying michael mooreon half fast the tome of United States of America electorate pending too immature to vote intelligibly?

            Dem mouther, how about raising the voting age back to 21?

            Further…limiting that voter block to real taxpayers having passed intelligence tests mutually agreed to both farties rising up from sum oracle pit! .

      • Myke

        Your description mirrors our current White House occupant. Funny, eh?

        • DavidAppell

          Obama steadied an economy in turmoil, headed for near collapse.

          • Roger Enout

            Bernie Sanders ewe ramshackle DEMaling stupor concessionaire fomenting for a gnu whorld odor that extincts.

  • Moby

    I guess Oregon is not that different after all

  • Mr Worldly Wiseman

    It’s fairly amusing to see liberals and sour RINOs clinging to their old, outdated and failed talking points (‘racist!”sexist!”doesn’t repeat polling talking points! ” too entertaining!’etc) as the rest of us step up and move this party forward.

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