Trump, Sanders win decidedly in New Hampshire


by NW Spotlight

Donald Trump decidedly won the Republican New Hampshire primary tonight, and Bernie Sanders decidedly won the Democratic New Hampshire primary.

Republican delegate winners in the 2016 New Hampshire primary (UPDATED):

1 Donald Trump 35.34% 10 del.
2 John Kasich 15.81% 4 del.
3 Ted Cruz 11.68% 3 del.
4 Jeb Bush 11.02% 3 del.
5 Marco Rubio 10.57% 3 del.
6 Chris Christie 7.42% 0 del.
7 Carly Fiorina 4.12% 0 del.
8 Ben Carson 2.29% 0 del.
9 Jim Gilmore 0.05% 0 del.

Source: USA Today (100% reporting)

The top GOP winners in New Hampshire were not the top spenders. In fact, none of the top 3 spenders made the top 3 winners.

Stephen Hayes_NH

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes NH tweet

UPDATE (2/10/2016): NJ Gov. Chris Christie has dropped out of the presidential race.

UPDATE (2/10/2016): Carly Fiorina has dropped out of the presidential race.

On the Democratic side, with 100% reporting, USA Today is reporting Bernie Sanders with 60.4% of the votes (15 del.) and Hillary Clinton with 37.95% of the votes (9 del.)

UPDATE (2/10/2016): The Daily Caller is reporting that as a result of Democratic “superdelegates,” Bernie Sanders “will likely receive fewer delegates” than Hillary Clinton from New Hampshire. How’s that for a stacked deck! That’s probably not going to sit well with Sanders, who is big on “fair.”

Unlike the Iowa Caucuses, independent voters could vote in the New Hampshire primary. It will be back to just Republican voters in the South Carolina GOP primary.

The next state in the 2016 presidential GOP primary/caucus schedule is South Carolina on Feb 20th and then Nevada on Feb 23rd. The Real Clear Politics (RCP) polling average for South Carolina has Trump significantly ahead, followed by Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Carson.

For the Democrats, it will be Nevada on Feb 20th and South Carolina on Feb 27th. The RCP polling data for Nevada is older and shows Clinton with a 50 to 30.5 lead over Sanders. The more recent RCP polling average for South Carolina has Hillary Clinton with a 62.0 to 32.5 lead over Sanders.

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