Executive Club 5/4: Governor Debate

allenalleybudpericeGovernor Debate: Bud Peirce & Allen Alley
Oregon Executive Club
Wed. May 4, 7:00pm
Airport Portland Shilo Inn
$20 Dinner optional

Oregon Republican Governor candidates Bud Peirce and Allen Alley will be speaking and debating at the Oregon Executive Club this Wednesday night at 7:00pm.


  • Bob Clark

    Wow, this is an accomplishment by the E-Club. Looking forward to this, although I am more energized by Alley than Pierce at this point.

    • Bernie Greenwell

      You are energized by a candidate that when asked “what animal would you be for a week?”, he answered a plankton… a plankton, man. What kind of answer is that? The guy was way too involved in Kulongoski’s renewable energy push to be worthy of the seat, imo.

      • WorthKnowing

        What does way too involved mean? Do you have any idea how he was involved, what he did or what his position is on renewable energy?
        Or are you campaigning?

        • Bernie Greenwell

          He was Ted Kulongoski’s deputy chief of staff overseeing energy and other topics. He stumped for Kulongoski’s ideas such as more tax credits,etc for businesses like SolarWorld. He helped to lay the groundwork for the continued push down the RE cliff. That’s unacceptable to me as a voter wanting to protect ratepayers and taxpayers from other people’s Utopian visions.

          • Conservatively Speaking

            Kulongoski OK’d a relatively economically motivated native American ‘gamboling’ casino for Cascade Locks, OR.“`To gambit to wit for tat economically and ergonomically spread out, sew would you be so enjoined to concur with bereft wing gliberals such as John Kitzhaber and Kate Brownie-buffoon, to wit DEMonstratives, over turned ships of state worm wooded hulks bottomed out where their’s ironic Titanic scat remains?

          • Bernie Greenwell

            The native americans should have their casino if they want it. The economic benefit they may have gotten from the casino is outweighed by the large cost and ineffectiveness of the BETC and the RPS. A casino doesn’t take away from the fact that the great geyser of cronyism, the BETC, greatly expanded in 2007 and cost taxpayers a billion dollars. Not only that the Renewable Portfolio Standards were passed then too which laid the groundwork for this latest sessions “coal to clean” deal.

          • WorthKnowing

            How do you know what he wanted or what role he played? Did you work there?
            Did you ask him?
            Do you have any inside information?
            Or are you just making stuff up?