Executive Club Speaker Tonight: Allen Alley

Oregon Executive Club Speaker: Allen Alley
Wed. Feb 2nd, 6:30pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn,

Allen Alley, the new chair of the Oregon Republican Party, will be the special guest speaker at the February meeting. Alley succeeds good friend Bob Tiernan as Chair, and he intends to continue reorganization and renewal of the party begun by Bob two years ago.

In his acceptance speech, Alley pointed out that, “Oregon has every advantage imaginable. Yet, we are among the leaders on several lists you don’t want to lead: unemployment, hunger, homelessness. As the Chairman of our great Republican Party, I will rely on our shared values of entrepreneurship, private sector job growth, personal freedom and responsibility, and accountable government to solve these issues.”

Alley will detail his “G.O.P.” (Grow Our Party) plan for the 2012 Presidential Election cycle and will answer questions from meeting attendees.