New Bills Attack People’s Petition Rights

Would you believe that among the first few bills to come out of the 2007 Legislature are bills that would handicap the citizen’s initiative process? Oregon’s 100+ year old system of direct democracy is under attack. Here are some of the bills released this week.

SB 123 & HB 2081 forces citizens to get 10,000+ signatures (technically 10% of total needed) before the Attorney General deems your petition worthy enough to write up a ballot title. The Supreme Court has corrected the AG’s office on many occasions for their unrepresentative ballot titles, why punish citizens for the AG’s problems? Furthermore, changing ballot titles mid-stream invites confusion and increases people signing twice.

SB 55 & HB 2055 allows the Secretary of State to inject politics into the voters’ pamphlet information section, by having the state list ballot measures top five contributors. Can we do that for political candidates also? As voters strive towards more fair and accurate ballot measure titles — the politicians are off trying to tinker with the Voters’ Pamphlet.

The concepts being presented, and others to follow, are designed to make it more difficult for ordinary people to exercise their citizen petition rights. We cannot let this stand.

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  • Jerry

    Of course the silly politicians will do anything they can to lessen voter input into how things are run in the state. They are sad, pathetic, little losers who should be ashamed of their cowardice. I am deeply suspect of all politicians these days – no matter which party – they all seem to reek of the same self-serving stench. I am utterly disgusted with the lot of them.

  • Jason W

    Boy as I posted this story I drove to work to hear on the radio about Senate Bill one. SB1 creates massive reporting requirements when a grassroots group urges their members to contact Congress and face a $100,000 fine for every mistep. Now congress wants to curb citizen involvement. link =


    Oregonians gave the governorship and legislature to one party………now they’ll get what they deserve I guess. No checks and balances left……….open the wasteful spending and tax increase flood gates…

  • Steve Plunk

    So who introduced these bills? I would like to know so I can send a polite e-mail and let them know what I think of such nonsense. Can anyone help me find the culprit?

  • Jason W

    Most of these bills were introduced by the Public Commission on the Legislature.

  • Anon

    That’s the Shadow Legislature where the unelected powerful forces get to rule without the accountability of elections. States that have such groups signal their “transparency problem.”

  • mmmarvel

    The ‘folks’ voted these clowns into office, they deserve EXACTLY what they are getting. I’ll be out of this state in a couple of years and then I’ll only observe and laugh at how the ‘folks’ are getting hosed. You sleep with a snake …

  • Devietro

    Ok, so the Oregon Legislature let us down again, no surprise there. But the issue has not been getting things on the ballot, we are good at that. The issue this past election was getting them passed. So lets beat them at their own game prove that they cant stop us.

  • Dave A.

    MMMarvel has the right idea – just move and leave the “problems” behind! Glad I’m looking forward to retirement in a couple of years. At least three of those “family wage” jobs the idiot pols are always talking about (but never creating) will be leaving with me. I plan to send my last tax payments off in boxes filled with cat droppings to let the worthless bureaucrats know how much I think they’re worth!

    • Anonymous

      aren’t you the homophobe who said something very similar in a previous post? For the nasty things you said in that post, i seriously doubt that the state will miss those 3 jobs

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