Unifying the Republican Party

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

So this past weekend, the politicians and political pundits dominated the headlines with questions as to whether and how presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could unify the Party. Before you get all nervous about this let’s remembers a couple of things. First, controversy is the mother’s milk of political reporting. I mean, who wants to report about some kumbaya gathering? That’s one news cycle at best while controversy, conflict and mayhem can go on for days.

And second, the news people that are reveling in the reports of more difficulty for Mr. Trump are the same people who routinely predicted the doom and demise of Mr. Trump at every turn in the road. Even the staid Wall Street Journal has joined the “Armageddon” crowd in publishing an article by some nitwit named Bret Stephens who suggests that the best thing for the Republican Party is the election of Hillary Clinton. The sheer lunacy of suggesting that a money-grubbing, corrupt, congenital liar who has made the politics of personal destruction – including the destruction of the women her husband abused – an art form, as a plausible solution for what ails the nation or the Republican Party, consigns Mr. Stephens to the lowest rungs of stupid. In a twist on the immortal words of Charles Barkley – they may be right, but I doubt it.

Does Mr. Trump have an obligation to unify the Republican Party? Absolutely! But just who constitutes the Republican Party? Is it the 301 Republican members of Congress? I doubt that. The rise of Donald Trump is largely due to the unwillingness or inability of the Republican Congress to do anything to address the nation’s problems despite the fact that they control the purse strings absolutely. Is it the Republican political elites? I doubt that. That group put up thirteen of their “best and brightest” and each fell woefully short of attracting even a plurality of votes during the primary season.

Well maybe it is the vast middle class of Americans who have given Republicans at the state level a majority of governors, state legislators and statewide elected officials. Maybe it is those state level Republicans who have repeatedly pulled their states out of the economic doldrums caused by the failure of President Barack Obama to actually understand or address an anemic economy where marginal growth and massive unemployment (as evidenced by the lowest national labor participation rates in nearly four decades) have become the “new normal” and the Congressional Republicans have sat idly by – critical but unwilling to act. Maybe it includes the working men and women who now earn less than when Mr. Obama took office, and pay more for healthcare with fewer choices before Obamacare was imposed on them by lying, cheating and paying for critical votes.

Maybe it includes men and women who fear for their safety – waiting for another attack by Islamic terrorist and cognizant that Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton are unwilling to condemn the attacks as emanating from the radical wing of Islam, unwilling to secure the borders through which these terrorists pass, and unwilling to suspend the wholesale immigration of Muslims from countries currently engulfed in wars with Islamic terrorists until a verifiable screening process is in place. (Remember, the Obama administration procedures admitted a fully radicalized Tasheen Malik prior to her entry and thus unleashed her on the San Bernadino community resulting in the deaths of fourteen people and the serious injury to twenty-two others.)

Yes, Mr. Trump has an obligation – but it is to unify the disaffected before he unifies the party stalwarts.

Is Mr. Trump a Republican – a conservative? Well sort of. There is no question that he believes in economic growth, smaller and more effective government, less governmental intrusion, a strong national defense and an immediate reduction in the nation’s massive and unfunded debt. He doesn’t believe in international free trade but he does believe in international fair trade. He does believe in the importance of America as a stabilizing force in the world – but he does not believe that it should be free to those nations who benefit from that stabilization. And in that regard he does not believe that America must necessarily be universally loved but he does demand that we be respected – there is a difference that has escaped Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton for eight years.

But more importantly, there is not a single one of those principles with which Ms. Clinton agrees – a fact that the “not Trump” idiots seem to miss. Regardless of what you may think of the man, the principles to which he adheres are definitely mainstream Republican, and more importantly, mainstream America.

However, unifying the Republican Party is not enough. Mr. Trump needs to change. First, stop “rising to the bait.” In the calm aftermath of one of his blowtorch responses, Mr. Trump must recognize that the press is goading him. He needs to turn that back against them. My favorite response has always been: That’s the dumbest effing question I have ever heard and I’m not going to answer it.

Second, get a thicker skin. Ms. Clinton and the Clinton machine are masters of the politics of personal destruction. What they are going to say about Mr. Trump – virtually all of which will be based on innuendo, half-truths and guilt by association – will devour the normal person like piranhas on prey. Don’t get angry, get even by winning the election and then loosing the Justice Department on the Clinton crime family.

And finally, be prepared to apologize when you are wrong. There is a telling exchange between Mr. Trump and FOX News journalist Megyn Kelly in an upcoming television special hosted by Ms. Kelly. Mr. Trump acknowledges that he has great respect for Ms. Kelly because of her willingness to reach out to Mr. Trump for an interview despite an eight-month feud between the two. In doing so, he admits that he personally doubted that he could have done the same. And yet he has to be able to do precisely that. If you aspire to be the leader of world’s most powerful nation, you must accept the humility to admit mistakes as a prerequisite to lead. (Contrast that with the arrogance of Mr. Obama and his insipid presumption that he is the smartest man in the room.)

In the end, the presidential race boils down to one of two choices – Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton. You can wish like hell that it was somebody else on either or both tickets but this is what it is. The third choice of not voting simply leaves the decision in others’ hands and far from washing your hands of any responsibility for the outcome, you are precisely responsible for not having acted.

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  • Jack Lord God

    I’d agree with a lot of this. Trump is arrogant and obnoxious but in a sense that has been what’s tied up the nomination for him.

    And is he really all that arrogant and obnoxious? Or is are those qualities magnified because we have gotten so used to the dynamic that Republicans are supposed to never go on attack, and just lie there and take it when Democrats historically have acted no different from how Trump acts now?

    Arrogance? Mr.. Huss said it – we have had to listen to two terms of Obama pronouncing he was the smartest man in any room. We had to listen to him claiming to be so smart he really didn’t bother with CIA briefings. And let’s not forget Obama’s tendency to leap in, with no facts whatsoever, and pronounce the police as “stupid”.

    Obnoxious? I seem to recall Democrats constantly referring to Republicans as drunks who had driven the car off the road when it came to the economy. Over a decade of insisting Bush lied to get us into a war so Dick Cheney could make some money. And endlessly saying the Bush was too stupid to be president. Reagan was blamed for AIDS. Straskys wife even blamed Reagan for the death of her kids from AIDS at the 1992 Democratic convention. So this has been going on for a while.

    So please, Trump may be obnoxious as hell, but it only seems exceptional because he isn’t taking the McCain and Romney approach of never criticizing his opponent. We saw how well being a compliant victim worked there. My guess is, like him or not, Trumps approach will be vastly more successful.

    • MrBill

      I still don’t like Trump, but I guess I don’t have to either. If I have to choose between him and Clinton, I guess I’ll choose Trump.

      • DavidAppell

        That’s what Trump is counting on — you not caring.

        • Bill

          David appellnox, I prefer to vote for a American like Trump, not a lying traitor like killary.

          • DavidAppell

            HC is just as American as you, me, or Donald Trump.

            (Is that really all the ammunition you got?)

          • MrBill

            She’s not a traitor. She’s just mind-blowingly incompetent. And dishonest.

          • DavidAppell

            Speaking of incompetence, what so-called “businessman” has reverted to bankruptcy statues FOUR times: Donnie Trump, or Hillary Clinton?

          • MrBill

            All true. But then again, I never really said I like Trump. I just said he’s the lesser of evils.

        • MrBill

          It’s not that I don’t care. But like we’ve discussed before, likeability may be nice, but it’s not a per-requisite for being president.

      • Jack Lord God

        The choice comes down to two alternatives for the direction of our country.

        1 – Should the country elect a man who is clearly a jerk, but does seem to have a sense that current policies are decimating our economy.


        2 – Elect a woman whose primary concern will be pulling the country together to all work very hard and make her even richer.

        Neither is a saint, however the last time two saints ran for the office was never.

    • DavidAppell

      Rupert of the “controlling” sex toy business wrote:
      “And is he really all that arrogant and obnoxious?”

      Yes, he is. But it is great fun watching the pretend superiority of people like you stooping so low to accommodate this vile bigot.

      Clearly you have no self-respect whatsoever.


      • Jack Lord God

        Ahh, David the liberal prude is back! And loudly displaying the legendary thin skinned nature of the liberal when his own parties wrongs are pointed out to him. Score!

        • DavidAppell

          The pornographer sidling up with sleazy Trump. No one should be surprised.

          • Litter remnant hiss’n box

            Now, now, DA casually obscene dining off an Xaviera Hollander plate of sinsuality and playing hoops with Portnoy’s compliant.

      • guestus augustus

        Don’t under an Appell tree during any conditions.
        He’s been truncated so many times his core values termite d and rotten to his left leaning corpse.

  • Matthew Vantress

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both incredibly arrogant and obnoxious themselves plus incredibly uninspiring.

  • scatcatpdx

    I have the same chance unifying under the Republican party as I do with socialist Sanders: no a chance.
    There is no chance of unity when the Conservative movement abandoned Reaganism and Classical liberalism (individual liberty and free markets) for big government nationalism.
    To add to this you have a gall to call for unity after backstabbing Republicans, liberty and capitalism in the great RINO witch hunt of 2006-2012. Yes there was some bad liberals that have to go but then it was anybody like me who support the liberty including immigration and trade, business right to hire whoever they want.

    No! May the GOP political party life be short,let another take the party’s place and god have mercy on your soul.

  • Bob Clark

    I watched the CNN interview of Mr. T by Wolf Blitzer held just after the Indiana primary earlier this month, and actually Mr. T comes off as being pretty balanced and not so unreasonable versus the normal sound bites you get about him from his political rallies (which are relatively more for entertainment than policy). It’s on you tube linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rj7B0fU1jw (all three parts together run about 30 minutes).

    Trump is a bit like the character Elmer Gantry in a way, but as long as we recognize this and that most all politicians are such; I think Mr. T will have some excellent achievements along with some stinkers. But as Frank Sinatra sings: “…that’s life.”

    • DavidAppell

      Bob, Donald is counting on the support of angry white men just exactly like you.

      Keep up the good work — there may be a medal in this for you someday.

      • IhateLiberals

        We already know Hillary has the support of the 0.03% of homos like you!

        • DavidAppell

          Name-calling doesn’t cut it, pal.

          You need to improve your game.

  • barttels

    This is certainly beyond the usual. Very interesting.

  • DavidAppell

    Go ahead, Larry, “unify” behind an ignorant, bigoted, ugly individual just because you think you’re supposed to.

    Can’t you think for yourself?

    This says a great deal about you. Sadly, it doesn’t say anything that’s really surprising.

    • IhateLiberals

      Look who’s calling people bigots. Another pathetic and bitter lefty who calls anyone a name when they don’t agree with his politics.

      • DavidAppell

        I use facts. Trump doesn’t.

        • Descend thee into thy smell

          Monsewer Appell: Suggest you go lightly inasmuch Norman Schwarzkopf up above sees your inanity and unabashedly deems it bovine scatology, ewe polled sheepish blathers-kite.

  • Eric Blair

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