Recommendations for Oregon HD1, HD9 and SD5 Primary


An Election Message to Second Amendment Supporters

by Rob Taylor

The election is upon us and many voters are still wondering who to cast their vote for and who will be the right representative to protect the rights of the individual, especially those who believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

Oregon State House District One

Last year State Rep Wayne Krieger met with groups in the local community, including the leading activists in the Coos County Watchdog network. He asked them who they would like to see as a candidate. Wayne was planning on retiring from his position and he wanted an idea of who the people might like to see run for the district, so he could recruit at least one good candidate.

It is a great way to carry on the rural legacy, plus nobody else was concerned enough to file for this position previous the deadline, so it was a good idea to have a quality candidate ready to campaign for the election.

There were several names bantered about, but the only name that seemed acceptable to most of the groups was Curry County Commissioner David Brock Smith, because Mr. Smith has a record of working with others including those he disagrees with politically. Smith also is well known for standing up for the rights of the individual over the excesses of the federal and state government.

During his career as commissioner Smith was able to enact one of the strictest county coordination programs in the state, which forces the feds to coordinate with the local governing body before a federal agency can begin some overblown project, such as the US Fish & Wildlife’s Bandon Marsh Mosquito Preserve. He worked to stop those types of land grabs and went even further by joining in the effort to garner resolutions from every city, county, and port on the south coast to oppose NOAA’s plans for a National Marine Sanctuary, which would have eliminated the few remaining fishing jobs up-and-down the west coast. The commissioner should be commended in his valiant efforts.

When a group of concerned citizens approached the Curry Board of Commissioners to ask that the board pass a resolution against the overreach of state law, SB941 the background checks bill, Smith was the only commissioner to show any interest, because he knew his county had to take a stand for the people’s withering freedoms. He openly supported the county resolution, while the other two commissioners had no clue as to the impact of that very bad anti-gun legislation. Their constituents had to drag them to the table to make the right choice, and the board did so unanimously under Smith’s direction.

With a solid record on the Second Amendment and property rights, David Brock Smith is not only the right choice for state house district one, but the only choice for serious gun owners.

Oregon State House District Nine

People who still believe in the US Constitution have a decent candidate to write-in for House district nine, Republican Teri Grier. She is relatively new to the state, but has shown a commitment to the community. Teri organized numerous candidate forums drawing in several governor and federal congressional candidates.

Unfortunately, one turncoat Republican, Dave Kronsteiner, who is the current Port Commission President for the Port of Coos Bay, is trying to win district nine for the Democratic Party by asking his family and friends to write-in “Caddy McKeown” for the Republican Party write-in candidate. His support of a big-government Democrat shows a deep betrayal to fellow Republicans, while projecting the continuing attitude of the county’s unelected Port Commissioners, who are better known locally as today’s equivalent of the “Old Boy’s Network.”

More reasons to write-in a legitimate fiscal conservative and Second Amendment supporter, Teri Grier. She will work to get the port under the authority of the voters again, so the people will no longer have to live under the misguided decisions of governor appointed lackeys.

Oregon State Senate District Five

The only candidate in the Republican primary for district five is currently a city councilor and named 2014 Man of the Year for Lincoln City, Dick Anderson.

The best thing about Mr. Anderson is that he is NOT, Arnie Roblan.

Senator Roblan voted for SB941 and he will continue to vote for more gun regulation until the state has disarmed every citizen in Oregon, leaving the honest defenseless. The Oregon Firearm Federation gave Arnie an F for continuously voting against the Right to Bear Arms.

Mr. Anderson received a B+ from OFF and he firmly supports the Second Amendment.

Remember to sign and seal your ballots before sending.

Rob Taylor is the founder of a virtual network of local activist at, and the chief petitioner for the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.