Contest Winner! Predicting Oregon Primary winners

predict 2016 Primary

by NW Spotlight

Oregon Catalyst hosted an election prediction contest for the 2016 primary yesterday, and we have a winner! Reagan, a political consultant from Salem, successfully predicted the most Primary outcomes – 22 of 27.

We ended up not scoring two of our questions (17 and 18) because write in votes for the IPO may not get counted until mid-June.

Andrea, a staffer from Portland, successfully predicted the second most Primary outcomes – 21 of 27.

Steve, a political staffer from Salem, came in third with 20 out of 27, including a perfect run on the outcome of all the measures in our contest – one of only two to do so.

Tayleranne, a Political staffer from Salem, got the closest on our Tiebreaker question: How many write-in votes will C.W. Smith receive in the Republican primary in state Senate District 28 against Dennis Linthicum? The number of write-in votes as of 05/18/2016 7:57 PM was 3,669 – Tayleranne guessed 2,026.

Tayleranne tied for fourth place with John from Boring – both successfully predicted 19 out of 27.

Apologies – this post was updated at 11:30 PM Weds after an early entry from Reagan was located.