2010 Taxpayer Award Winners. Best and Worst of politics.

2010 Taxpayer Awards Winners
As presented at the Oregon Executive Club.

Thomas Jefferson Award Winners:

RUSS WALKER, Freedom Works — For work with referendum drive, 2009 Legislature, Liberty summit and Common Sense for Oregon.

GEOFF LUDT, Oregon Tea Party Coordinator – For playing a vital role inhelping create and lead the taxpayer Tea Party movement in Oregon

Below are the politician awards as determined by over 800 ballots.

Worst Politician of the Year Award

WINNER: Rep. Dave Hunt: Passing $2.4 billion in new taxes and trying to pass a bill that would have changed “no” votes to “yes” votes on referendum measures as a way to trick voters.

RUNNER-UP Senator Margaret Carter:
As Senator, she created a new state director position ($121,872) and then took the job herself.Pork Barrel Project

WINNER: BETC Tax Credit scam: Gov. Kulongoski lying and low-balling tax credit costs by hundreds of millions of dollars in order to get it to pass the Legislature.

Runner up:- Oregon stimulus:
$175 Million to create 16 “fast-track” jobs in first six months.

Bureaucratic bungler award

WINNER 1,740 inmates released early: Thanks to the passage of HB 2007. Some have already recommitted their crimes.

Runner-up:- $135,000 failed investigation: State hired 10 investigators to spy on innocent people gathering petition signatures. Found no problems.

Golden Schnoz

WINNER: Forcing restaurants to provide calorie menus

Runner-up- Ban on smoking in your car if present with children