Gov. Brown lives up to our cartoon

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The Taxpayer Association first debuted this cartoon at the beginning of the year and months later it stands as the same, except the tax has grown bigger as Oregon Governor Kate Brown refused to comment again this month on the state’s largest tax increase.   Our cartoon says it all. Please pass it along.


  • Dave Lister

    She can’t open her mouth. The public unions own her, just like Kitz and Kulongiski before her.

    • Oregonoco Flo

      To wit, her mantra sets upon a bed padded with Bradbury feathers and a coverlet comprised of Avakian fabrication.
      Sunset her sailing away….

  • Connie Kosuda
  • Devil’s Food Suite Crepery

    Kate Brownie Buffoon and/or a Bradbury Klingon – the facet is she buys sexual in any community and directs Vlad Avakian to deal ilkwise, whether it stabs and beheads US into a primordial knot, ewe swilla bebe!