Executive Club 6/1 — 5 statewide candidates

xclubcnddts16Five Statewide candidates
Oregon Executive Club
Wed. June 1st, 7:00pm

Portland Airport Shilo,
$20 dinner (optional)

Mark Callahan — U.S. Senate
Dr. Bud Pierce — Governor (GOP)
Cliff Thomason — Governor (Independent)
Daniel Crowe — Attorney General
Jeff Gudman — State Treasurer

The candidates!

Well, another primary is past, and the matchups for November are before us.
On the table is the economic future and social fabric of Oregon.

Wednesday, these candidates will appear to call for support and advice.

Suggested questions:
(Feel free to add a dozen or so of your own)

How much government is too much? State? Local? Federal?
How badly has liberal control of Oregon violated that limit?

Climate Change, man or nature?
Describe the level of scientific denial in Oregon’s deep-blue leadership.

Economies, how free or restrained?
Identify the socialist propaganda which has taken hold of our state.

How rapidly can the Kitzhaber-Kulongowski-Brown damage be mended?

What’s legitimate about bills that are too big to be read?

The liberal, public sector union stranglehold on state tax revenue:
how do we wrest it from their grasp?

The new “sales tax” proposal, worse than any sales tax proposition before it:
how do we educate voters and beat this destructive tax?

Since insurance is regulated by the states,
why is it that Washington gets to tell the states what policies are “legal”?

How do we restore 1st Amendment protections to those who are now being trampled on?

What ever happened to “shall not be infringed”?
Don’t limits and licenses and screwy transfer laws do just that?

Do we really want to keep the inexperienced from finding a job,
just so we can have robots make our burgers and sweep our floors?

How expensive should electricity be here in Hydro Heaven,
and how many eagles should die for it?

What’s wrong with a Wall, anyway? Or mandating E-Verify?
Or is locking the doors to our homes going to be illegal next?

Get the idea? Grill ’em. The liberals won’t be as nice as we will be!

Join us to play your part, Wednesday night.