Oregon State Economist: Legislature spent like ‘drunken sailors’ during short session


by NW Spotlight

During the June revenue forecast presentation yesterday in Salem, State Economist Mark McMullen referred to the Democrat-controlled Ways & Means committee as “drunken sailors” because they overspent during the 2016 ‘short session’, leaving the budget $74 million short of what was predicted.

Although the comment on the overspending was made in jest, it was still interesting to hear a high-level state employee make that kind of accusation – and there was certainly basis for his comment.

Here’s a clip of the “drunken sailors” comment:


Following yesterday’s forecast, Oregon House Republicans and Senate Republicans issued this joint statement:

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following joint statement regarding today’s revenue forecast:

“With today’s revenue forecast we learned that Oregon’s economy is not keeping up with current spending levels. Even with record revenues, our ending fund balance is expected to be $57.1 million below previous projections, largely due to overspending by Democrats during the 2016 session.

“Furthermore, endless new government mandates, billions of dollars in unfunded PERS liabilities, and the potential for a massive $6 billion tax on Oregon sales continues to threaten Oregon’s long-term economic health. The legislature will have to address these higher costs while facing less revenue due to an estimated 40,000 jobs lost from the minimum wage increase. The worst kept secret in Salem is that Democrats have put Oregon on an unsustainable fiscal path. Sooner or later, Oregonians are going to be left footing the bill for their recklessness.”

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  • Fire ’em all post haste
    • Hillary might object, d’oh

      Not sure about the Captain’s daughter’s bed unless the maiden’s name be Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

      • Ben Omar Godzi

        At this point, what reason do you have for palaver?

        • Ben Omar Godzi

          Comment meant for Conme Kosoothda, that whiz.

  • Connie Kosuda

    ya’ll musta been all cranky and perturbed with the bush/cheney 2 unfunded wars and the wrecking of the economy and such…..

    • Myke

      If Bush/Chaney threw you for a spin, than Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility must have you suicidal.

      • Sally Monella

        Slapping her wrists won’t cut it.
        Burning her burka non-lethal unless ISIS gets wind of it.
        Possessing little to ‘bare’ in the Tokyo fish market, however, ‘bear’ recipients attending the Pike Market Launch ’em Jamboree might pose ably cheer bon appetit’.

        • Native, not naive Oregonian

          Commie Kusuta, arr ewe glistening now, douse Pearl harbor in DEMdemona grandstands. Argh!

      • Connie Kosuda

        no “myke” – but you are sorta low life.

    • Dick Winningstad

      The wars were petty cash compared to the wealth transfer spending going on at all levels of governement.

      • Connie Kosuda

        you mean via the bush cartel ‘bailing out ‘ the banks / wall street, etc., too bad for you you don’t retain facts.

        • Dick Winningstad

          Actually I do. 2.6 trillion (about 2/3) of a 4 trillion budget is for wealth transfers. Defense is about 18% And the bail outs were one time expenditures that were repeated during the Obama administration several times over. In addition to blowing money on OBAMACARE (“never let a crisis go to waste” R. Emanuel).

          • Connie Kosuda

            love the destruction of the national economy by those dubyas , yes?

          • Expose’n Truth and Clark

            Your toots are not supple enough. Paraphrase firmer Mayor of PDX, ~ This Bud’s for ewe.

          • Connie Kosuda
          • Go Spy on Nope Korea Bebe

            Toke yo Rose, hannoy your Jane, at this point what does it matter ewe Benghazi crappie.

            Go fish, witch!

          • Connie Kosuda

            how archaic / how irrelevant / how neocon!

          • GSoNKB

            A Shrew R U, dimples on your arrears, Messy Kosuda!

          • Connie Kosuda

            do your parental units permit you to use the internet???

  • Matthew Vantress

    All the Democrats care about is keeping the union bosses at SEIU and AFSCME happy and screw everyone else.

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